Weapon Pedestal Remastered Addon (Support 1.19) | Weapon Minecraft Mods

Weapon Pedestal Remastered addon was pieced to help people show their everyday shields and tools to the intimates. These Pedestals should be used as embellishing blocks only! Shop for survival but not with magical gear and endurance.

Cre: SorYPMod (Youtube, Twitter

Weapon Pedestal Remastered addon

NOTE You can’t steal the decalogue or textures in any way!!! Only if we talk about this on twitter@sori662_pop or in the exposition down below!!!

NOTE Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!

  • Enable Holiday Creator Property!!!
  • Aditional Modding Capabilities!!!
  • Creation of custom Biomes
  • The pedestals are prepared like this.

How to place particulars on it?

Easy to use this for your weapons. Really interacting with your brand, pickaxe, dismissal, hoe, shovel just right click for windows genius or gate on the pedestal for android genius.

Warning dont use entranced gear if you play on survival cuz you’ll lose the enchant also the endurance will reset!!!


  • Weapon Pedestal Remastered addon is compatible with any other texture packs wich are 16×16 minecraft shape hung.
  • Only emerald, redstone tools support for now grievously other tools may nowise come because of the bedrock block limitations!. Hope you like it!


  • Block wheel law was made by
  • Twitter Ihategravel@ihategravel2
  • Gravel Studios
  • Thank you for the new and higher decalogue!

Minecraft Gun Mod


Update! v2.2
– Final update maybe just support for future versions of Minecraft
– Support for Minecraft 1.18
– Updated recipes images on the page
– Updated experimental requirements image on the page



Download Weapon Pedestal Remastered Addon (RP) or download here (Drive)

Download Weapon Pedestal Remastered Addon(BP) or download here (Drive)

Minecraft Gun Mod PE

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