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yBiomes Craft is an awesome addon that includes 27 full natural generation biomes in your Minecraft game! You will get an interesting world with new trees, structures, and biomes. That’s great to complete your survival and their worlds in this addon

Cre: Gabriel Castro, Twitter, Youtube

You will feel so excited about the diversity of biomes. yBiomesCraft will make your world more huge with many other different types such as Frozen, cold, flooded, hot, tropical, islands, flowering, muddy biomes

yBiomes Craft Features:

  • This is a completely natural generation but it’s not mean there are no structures in your game
  • It’s already generated and rendered with their own trees
  • Biomes are not invasive to each other, some rarity is still being worked on
  • Besides that, you will find animals through biomes
  • Let check out the list of biomes which photos and a brief description of each

Explore yBiomes Craft

Here you can find rare biomes and more common biomes, even sub-biomes. Let explore 27 amazing biomes below!

Savannah of Baobabs

This is a new savanna variant that you can find near hot biomes like savannas and deserts, filled with large, majestic baobabs


A cold swamp with tall and murky custom trees. There are lots of vineyards, and some mangroves and custom rocks in the bayou biome


The rocky mountains covered by a large and thick layer of soft snow, little vegetation, and dead and frozen trees will appear here


You will find 3 types of wood which are Acacia, Birch, and Oak here. That is plain warm and muddy with some wells and lots of dry and cloudy trees


You can find a lot of areas and tree customization, as well as wood and animals in this biome. That is a drought with crooked and dead trees which includes a wide variety of dry vegetation


A plain with loads of coarse dirt and grass, you will also see the vegetation of small sneaky trees

Cherry Forest Flower

A cold forest full of cherry trees, flowers, and hives. Here you even get fruits through the cherry leaves

Dead Forest

Full of dead trees, dead bushes, and some undergrowth in Dead Forest. It has a lot of sand and dry wood too

Deciduous Forest

This is a dry and temperate forest, you can see majestic tall trees and shrubs of other varieties.

Coniferous Forest

There are large conifers and mixed soil between thick dirt and mud, grass and rocks

I use the shader Reworked AK Texture Pack in these pictures

Snowy Forest

Flower Plains yBiomes Craft

Here you can see a landscape completely covered with flowers and some beehive trees

Frozen Crystal Forest

It includes full of dead and fully frozen trees with big ice crystals

Fungi Forest

A cold swamp of coniferous trees and mushroom

Fungi Swamp

Opposite with fungi forest, fungi swamp covered with full of large mushroom trees that remodeled and in various styles!

Glacial Mountains

A thick layer of ice cover this mountain which includes some dead and frozen trees, etc


Temperate forest with birch and pine trees. It looks so majestic

Lush Swamp and Lush Desert


Full of custom trees and great roots and water too


This is a sub-biome found in the hot desert. What can you see in this biome? Palm trees, coconut trees typical vegetation and lots of water!

Redwood common Forest

Here you can see the trees with spruce wood and dark oak wood!

Redwood oak Forest

Large oaks and tall redwoods, you can also find Bees and Beehives!


Coniferous forest mixed with taiga

Tropical Island

It full of flowers, watermelon, vineyards, coconut palms, palm trees, jungle trees and very nice weather

Minecraft Shaders


There are 4 animals added in yBiomes Craft addon, they are Goats, Frogs, Fireflies and Deers

Note from creator:

  • yBiomes Craft can not be published in the app like:
    • Mcpe master
    • Add-ons for Minecraft
    • UTK.io
    • NO other add-ons app
  • It can NOT be published on other sites or create applications!
  • Respect for the add-on to continue updating
  • If you are recording some video, you have to use the Add-on official page link on mcpedl
  • Don’t use this addon on maps to download without the creator authorization


– Added:
+ New panoram of the add-on update yBiomesCraft!
Added Biome
+ Steep Bayou Biome!
+ The Cherry Grove Biome!
+ The Autumn Grove Biome!
+ The Spring Orchard Biome!
+ Added Fireflies!


yBiomesCraft BP
yBiomesCraft RP

or Download (gg drive)

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2 years ago

Omg what’s the seed it looks so cool!

2 years ago

I downloaded but when i open minecraft bedrock, and activate, how do i specifically find the different biomes, like alpine tundra, lavendar fields, autumn grove etc? Are there spawn seeds? And how do we get raccoons? Thankyou!! 🙂

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