More Tools Addon for Minecraft Pe (Update)

If you have some Redstone, emerald, lapis, quartz but don’t use them for anything. This More Tools Addon is for you!! So what does this addon bring to you?
With 20+ new more armor types to your game, 20+ new decorative blocks, and 400+ new tools to play with. These items will make you enjoy survival as you like. Let download and play this addon now!!

Cre: SorYPMod, Youtube, Twitter

More Tools Addon

Block in this addon are only for decorations, follow the description down there you will find all the information about all Blocks, Tools, Items, and food!

Enable Experimental Gameplay in your world options!

Code made with bridge; 3D models made with Blockbench

More Tools Addon is still in the process develop, so it doesn’t have all recipes for all the blocks.

Use commands to get certain items: /give @s sp:item_name


All are available in survival mode, here you will find all the tools:

  • All the tools are crafted like any other tools in Minecraft with emerald, redstone, quartz, steel, enderite and lapis lazuli instead of diamond, iron etc
  • You can upgrade emerald pickaxe, axe, and sword by using the new block called Upgrade Quartz Bench

Armor durability

Mending enchant does work properly.

Repair armor with Anvil

Prismarine armor + prismarine shard / Emerald armor + emerald

Steel armor + steel ingot / Enderite armor + enderite ingot

Redstone armor + redstone / Quartz armor + quartz

Lapis armor + lapis lazuli / Diamond upgraded lapis armor + diamond

Blazed quartz armor + blaze powder

More Tools Addon v1.5 Update

Hammers Pickaxe functionality

Diamond Hammer: damage 14
Emerald Hammer: damage 12
Gold Hammer: damage 9
Iron hammer: damage 10

Enderite Hammer: damage 16
Thor Hammer(summons lightning bolt if you right click)

Lapis Hammer: damage 13
Netherite Hammer: damage 15
Prismarine Hammer: damage 11
Redstone Hammer: damage 8

Quartz Hammer(block of quartz): damage 17
Steel Hammer: Damage 10


V2.1 Resource Pack
V2.1 Behavior Pack
Support Creator (Paypal)

Scythe Hoe functionality

Diamond Scythe: Damage 11
Enderite Scythe: Damage 15
Gold Scythe: Damage 8
Iron Scythe: Damage 9
Lapis Scythe: Damage 12
Netherite Scythe: Damage 14
Prismarine Scythe: Damage 10
Quartz Scythe(block of quartz): Damage 16
Redstone Scythe: Damage 7
Steel Scythe(steel stick): Damage 9


Quartz tools

This one better than Netherite, worst than Quartz/enderite

Quartz sword – Damage: 14

Quartz axe – Damage: 10

Quartz shovel – Damage: 6

Quartz hoe – Damage: 5

Quartz pickaxe – Damage: 7

New Tools

More Tools Addon is added food sword tools and food at the same time (food is not recommend to eat because you will not fell very well)

Iron cookie sword – Damage: 7

Iron carrot sword – Damage: 7

Iron potato sword – Damage: 7

Iron baked potato sword – Damage: 8 cuz its hot xD

Iron beef sword – Damage 7 & Iron cooked beef sword – Damage: 8

Iron sweet berry sword – Damage: 7

Coal tools

It’s kinda better than stone, worse than iron

Coal sword – Damage: 5
Coal axe – Damage: 4
Hoe – Damage: 1
Pickaxe – Damage: 3
Shovel – Damage: 3

Here is recipe:

Leviathan axes

Quartz and enderites gives you effects

Diamond axe – damage: 15
Emerald axe – damage: 13
Enderite axe – damage: 17, it will give levitation and slow falling if you right click
Gold axe – damage: 10
Iron axe – damage: 11
Lapis axe – damage: 14
Netherite axe – damage: 16
Prismarine axe – damage: 12
Quartz axe – damage: 18 (block of quartz, if you right-click, it will give fire resistance and resistance)
Redstone axe – damage: 9


Armor update

You have to crafted with upgrade bench

Increases Knockback resistance after upgrading quartz armor

Blazed quartz chestplate – helmet – leggings – boots

Upgraded lapis armor brings knockback resistance to it

Diamond lapis chestplate – helmet – leggings – boots

Blocks update – More Tools Addon


Red – Blue – Lime – Purple Shroomlight

Here is recipes:

Upgrade bench

3 blaze rods
4 blocks of quartz
Crafting table

And much more!!

Here are all decorative blocks:

Full pizza
Happy pizza
Glowing ice(glows in the dark)
Regal cheese
Smiley Cheese
Sad face
Smiley face
Old vines table
Wood box
Upgrade Bench
Oak Planks(red, yellow, purple, blue, lime)(new)

To get these Items/Blocks, you can obtain in creative with commands:

/give @s sp:name – Ex: /give @s sp:pizza

  • Blocks in this addon are just for decorations
  • Pickaxes can’t mine terracotta and some endstone blocks

Some blocks have a crafting recipe and are available in survival!


Steel block

Enderite block


  • You can’t steal the code or textures in any way!!! if we want to talk about this, contact me via twitter @sori662_pop
  • If you doing a mod review you have to put this page link in the description
  • You are not allowed put direct links to mediafire! Have some respect for what I do


V3.3 Resource Pack
V3.3 Behavior Pack
or here (gg drive)
Support Creator (Paypal)


More Tools Addon V3.3:
Added Glass armor set:
+ Glass Helmet, Glass Chestplate, Glass Leggings, Glass Chestplate
Added Glass tools set
+ Glass sword, Glass shovel, Glass axe, Glass pickaxe, Glass hoe

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