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Utilize the brand-new Gym Equipment Add-On to decorate your Minecraft gym construction! No longer is it necessary to construct barbells from end rods and (black) wool. You can acquire them with Gym Equipment add-on in only a few clicks!

The gym can be exhausting but is still enjoyable and rejuvenating! You can now use those learnings to your very own Minecraft universe

Gym Equipment Add-On

The items included in this addon are:

  • Barbell
Gym Equipment Add-On
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  • Barbell with handle
Gym Equipment Add-On


  • EZ Bar
Gym Equipment Add-On


  • Dumbell
Gym Equipment Add-On


  • Kettlebell
Gym Equipment Add-On


  • Pull-up Bar
Gym Equipment Add-On


With animations (GIF speeds are not accurate in-game):

  • Stationary Bike (comes with a glow-in-the-dark monitor when turned on)

  – crouch and press the interact button/right-click to speed up

Gym Equipment Add-On
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  • T-bar
Gym Equipment Add-On


  • Threadmill (comes with a glow-in-the-dark monitor when turned on)
Gym Equipment Add-On


  • Elliptical Trainer (comes with a glow-in-the-dark monitor when turned on)
Gym Equipment Add-On


In-game images:

Gym Equipment Add-On


Gym Equipment Add-On
Gym Equipment AddOn
Please take note that everything is currently only for display while figure out how to make it work (if Minecraft add-ons allow such). 
I’m also working on an upgrade that will have benches, punching bag, etc. 
Please feel free to leave suggestion for gym machine in the comments section below.

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Please, you can’t post a direct link or a monetized link on any other sitesbut you can post this addon’s MCPEDL link to take them here. This is an original work. The creator has automatic protection for her literary and artistic creations from the moment she creates them. 

Stay safe and enjoy!


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How to download in Linkvertise:

1. Click “Free Access with Ads” in the black tab at the center of the page.

2. Complete the steps. If you are asked to:

– Discover Articles. Just click on it. A number of articles will be shown–you do not have to click them. You can just click the “X” button and wait for a few seconds

3. Click “Continue” once you have finished the steps and you will be automatically redirected to the file.

Important: You need to download both Resource (R) and Behavior (B) packs for the addon to work.

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Gym Equipment Add-On
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Gym Equipment Add-On

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