Redelia Craft Addon

Redelia Craft Addon is a fantastic virtual platform that users who are looking for enjoyment in beautifying items may employ.

This provides a variety of amusing activities, such as access to a large range of furniture that can be used to furnish your area as you see fit. You will have the option to assemble furniture in accordance with your own plans, and you can put it wherever you like.

Cre: Redred Craft (Youtube)

Redelia Craft Addon

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Video Review:


How To Download Redelia Craft Addon For Minecraft Pe – Tutorial and Review Video furniture addons mcpeaddons furnituremod furnituremodforminecraft minecraftjava minecraftbedrockedition miniaturiamod miniaturiafurnure

♬ Whistling you want to go for a walk – Ken Nakagawa

With Redelia Craft Addon, you can earn skills and express your interest in decoration using the application. The program offers additional entertaining services by offering a huge selection of shows and movies without asking users to register.

Features of Redelia Craft

  • Six sofas Solitaires:
  • Six shelves:
  • Lanterns made of paper in the style of Japan, available in three distinct styles:
  • Three footwear, which are as follows:
  • Cabinets for bathrooms available in the following six distinct styles:
  • Six shelving books
  • The tables are uncomplicated and come with a variety of drawer configurations, including the following:
  • Six cutting boards:
  • Three storage boxes:

Screenshots from Redelia Craft Addon:

Redelia Craft Addon
Redelia Craft Addon
Redelia Craft Addon

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Redelia Craft Addon
Redelia Craft

Some Minecraft PE addons about decorearion and furniture you can check in

mcpeaddons download

Download Redelia Craft (Mediafire)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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