Time Stop Addon will bring the utility of time adjustment during Minecraft play. With this addon you can control the time to stop, slow down, accelerate and pause. Please refer to the information below to better understand this addon.

Creator: Random user

time stop addon

Special Items in Time Stop Addon

Clock Item

Starter Item & replaces the vanilla clock item

Any will receive a clock when downloading and enabling this “time stop addon” widget. The usefulness of using this clock is that you will be allowed to access the GUI that controls the time.

time stop addon

Info Book

Starter Item & can be received through Settings GUI

This is an informative book that has basic information on how to use various add-ons. In addition, this book also credits the developers of the add-ons.

time stop addon
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Time Stop Items

Can only be received through Settings GUI

Useful items are contained in this light blue shulker box. They help the player control the time.

time stop addon

Time & Settings GUIs

Control Time GUI:

Players can change the time however they want using the time control GUI.

Control Time GUI

Settings GUI

Admins can change the settings of the addon using this GUI. In addition, admins may receive the “Time Stop Items” shulker box by clicking the ‘Items’ button. The ‘Info Book’ button can also be used to receive extra info books!

Time Stop Addon

See detailed instructions in the video below:

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Time Stop Addon

Download Time stop Addon Rp

Download Timestop Addon Bp

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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