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Pet Furniture V7 Cat Update 1.19

An add-on called Pet Furniture expands the selection of furniture made specifically for dogs or cats. The addition has about 40 blocks. Cre: Trotamundos872 ...

Back to Basics V2

With Back to Basics V2 addon, more manual materials will be available for crafting instead of everything being placed automatically. It is also designed...

Lance Furniture Beta (Working Security Cameras!) Support 1.18 & 1.19

Lance Furniture adds more useful decoration for the fan of Minecraft to build a beautiful world. Explore tons of cool stuff such as fridge,...

3D Kitchen Furniture Addon (40+ Furniture Pieces)

Imagine an addon that allows you to add detail and life to your kitchen... This is exactly what that is, 3D Kitchen Furniture Addon...

50 IKEA Furniture Pieces

This addon includes 50 pieces of IKEA furniture, allowing you to take your imagination to new heights. In order to have professionally created amenities,...

Kraftoid’s Modern Furniture Addon

Kraftoid's Modern Furniture Addon add sofas and table sets to fabulously stunning décor and expert-level gaming setups with monitors and headsets, we have it...

Biome Revamp

Have you ever wished for something extra from the standard biomes? Say no more, since this addon will provide you with all of that...

Lamborghini Countach LP400S

Lamborghini Countach LP400S is the latest car addon of Ashminggu. Retrowave is the name given to a car that embodies the futuristic, neon-lit look....

Hyva Furniture Addon (Custom Blocks)

It's simple, clean, and smells fantastic. This is Hyva Furniture, which is heavily influenced by IKEA furniture. The furniture pack that will ideally spice...
Eveo Furniture Addon

Eveo Furniture V3.0 (Compatible with Survival)

Eveo Furniture brings realistic and modern furniture to your game. With this add-on, you can decorate your home more beautifully and comfortably! Creator: Creative...

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