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Prismarina Aquarium | Minecraft Maps PE

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Prismarina Aquarium is a map gives you the experience an grand terrarium in Minecraft? Hello, my name is claire1593 and I, too, wanted to explore an stupendous terrarium without having to pay or switch consoles. So I started erecting one in October of 2018 and have been working on it ever ago. I do hope you guys enjoy it. Since this terrarium is constantly being added to, you can check out my [email protected] for further updates.

Cre: Claire1593 (Youtube, Instagram)

Prismarina Aquarium

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Drink to Prismarina Aquarium! Then, multiple lodestones include a Deep Sea Adventure Exhibition, a Guardian Amphitheater, over 200 Tropical Fish tanks, Hydrothermal reflections tanks, and Bioluminescent tanks. 

And there’s much much more. With further lodestones coming soon. For quick and easy access to the 2nd bottom, feel free to use the bubblevators. For those who want a bite to eat while at the Aquarium, please visit our complimentary Submarine Bar & Grill. 

And, what is an grand terrarium without an grand gift shop located directly below the Sea Turtle exhibition. Come visit us at night for an grand Deep Sea Adventure.

( Also, please make sure to give credit to Claire1593, me, the creator, when participating this link to others or posting prints. Thanks!)

Some Maps you can like in https://mcpeaddons.com:


I did not realize that the train brochure could not be downloaded all together. So I removed the link. Sorry for the confusion. You can still download the world using the. ZIP and. McWorld lines.


Download Prismarina Aquarium

Download Prismarina Aquarium (Zip file)


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[…] Prismarina Aquarium is a Minecraft map that allows you to enjoy a huge terrarium. Hello, my name is Claire1593, and I, too, wanted to explore a magnificent terrarium without having to pay or transfer platforms. So I began building one in October of 2018 and have been working on it ever since. […]

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