Pixel Perfection Legacy 1.17/1.18

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Enhance your Minecraft experience with Pixel Perfection Legacy textures! The pack has been ported onto Bedrock (with permission) so you could experience the outstanding quality of the textures. It supports both 1.17 and 1.18

Creator: 458 (and Nova_Wostra)

Pixel Perfection Legacy

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This texture pack has custom audio (add-on), misc, environment, variations, block animations,…

1.17 Lush Cave Biome

1.17 Pointed Dripstone Biome

Piglin’s Treasure

Crimson forest

The Stronghold

The Ender Dragon

A shipwreck with coral and seagrass surrounding it

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More Pictures:


  • Added the update that the Java version received
  • Updated copper colors
  • Updated the entire warped forest nether biome
  • Updated panorama
  • Added some splashes
  • Added some twisting and weeping vines variation
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If you want more texture packs, you can refer more in mcpeaddons:


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[…] Pixel Perfection Legacy textures will improve your Minecraft experience! The textures from the pack have been converted to Bedrock (with permission) so you can see how good they are. Both 1.17 and 1.18 Pixel Perfection Legacy are supported. Custom audio (add-on), miscellaneous, environment, variants, block animations, and more are included in this texture pack. […]

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