Legit Survival: Spooky Mansion Map

Legit Survival: Spooky Mansion was inspired from STORY Long agone, a one- time common townie known as The Elder erected a giant manse then, with dreams of growing a massive population around a wild theme demesne. In the process, he and his crew came entangled with a original witch circle, who ultimately cursed the property, dooming it to monstrous chaos. These days, the area is a holiday magnet for Halloween exhilaration- campaigners!

Cre: DroidRGH (Youtube, Twitter)

Legit Survival: Spooky Mansion

Somes about Spooky as well as Spooky Mansion:

Spooky is the titular main antagonist of Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion. She is the ghost of a girl who appears to possess a huge sum of power and governs the mansion of which the game takes place in. She appears to impact the events that have happened and will happen in the mansion.

Source: https://spookys-jump-scare-mansion.fandom.com/wiki/Spooky
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Legit Survival: Spooky Mansion map, you’re in survival mode, of course, and night has fallen. Take the ( substantially) secure high road and get yourself to Base One, where you and a friend can load up with diamond armor, ruinous curvatures, fortune picks, and a lot further. Now you ’re ready to attack the theextra-dark monster- filled hallways of the Spooky Mansion!

Features a Shell XP GRINDER!

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Download Legit Survival: Spooky Mansion or here

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