LBT Shader

LBT Shader will make your world more beautiful by changing the colors of day, night, rain, arsonist, and more.

Cre: AnuGrahbodi123 (Instagram, Twitter)

LBT Shader

LBT Shader will also make fog in your world more beautiful.

LBT stands for “Light Beauty” to describe this shader without lagging for all bias. So these shaders won’t lag your device.

I recommended you to set brilliance 100

Some shaders maybe make your Minecraft world more interesting that Mcpe Addons recommend you: 

Beautiful Daylight and Blue Sky


Minecraft Shaders



Beauty Night and Sky Star


You aren’t allowed to

Partake this shader without this link/ MCPEDL link

Share direct link to mediafire ( Do not partake mediafire link)

You’re allowed to:

Use this shader with your gameplay and

Follow me on Instagram/ Twitter@anuGrahbodi123 because I took a lot of time to determine the stylish color for this shader. So, please follow, it’ll mean a lot for me))


  • Changed the Nether color.
  • Removed the block shadow in the Nether (It darkens the Nether).
  • Changed the color of the Rain.
  • Slightly changed the color of Day, Night, Underwater, Fog and others.
  • Added a secret point in the Nether.
  • Changed main image and descriptions.
LBT Shader

Download LBT Shader 

Download LBT Shader (Other versions, if link 1 didn’t, download here)

Download LBT Shader (Drive) 

Minecraft Shaders

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