Middle Earth Project Addon – The Last Download!

MEAP ADDON is a project based on the Lord of the Rings films, as well as all animals from the Middle Ages.

Cre: EL SANDO (Youtube, Twitter)

Middle Earth Project Addon

Middle Earth Project Addon is still in beta, but the El Sando Team and “The Fellowship of the Dark Lord” Team are working on addressing bugs, and the full version will be released shortly, with over 20 medieval mobs!!!

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Now you can play Minecraft in the Middle Ages…


  • Smaug049 
  • El Sando 

Thanks to all

Witch King

The Lord of Angmar, the leader of the nazguls, has succumbed to the power of the One Ring!!!

  • Feature:
  • Heatlh: 800
  • Damage: 12
  • equipment: which kings sword
  • Attack: Player, villager, pillager, and more…

Smaug ( New Texture)

This dragon, a massive, powerful, and dangerous beast, will fly and spit fire at its preys, enough to burn an entire village!

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

  • Feature:
  • boss title: Smaug
  • Heatlh: 800
  • Shoot: burst of 100 fireballs very fast

Fly very fast at a range of 64 blocks, if you try to attack it, it will dodge you

Attack it with a bow if you can, for if you attack it with melee, it will rise, complicating the attack.


Ringwraiths, skilled and powerful, these spectres or fallen horsemen will come in your realm of miencraft, ready to slay you if you have the ring in your possession.

  • Feature:
  • Heatlh: 400
  • Damage: 12
  • Effect: Wither
  • Attack: Player, villager, pillager, and more…


Cast for battle, iron-forged soldiers will fight to the death to defend their kingdom.

  • Feature:
  • Heatlh: 30
  • Damage: 7
  • equipment: iron sword
  • Attack: nazgul, smaug, witch king, and more…

Some other Addons Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com, it’s maybe make you more interested when play Minecraft:

Gondorian whit bow

  • Feature:
  • Heatlh: 30
  • equipment: bow
  • Attack: nazgul, smaug, witch king, and more…


For the next update we must join the discord and subscribe to the smaug049 channel !!!



Middle Earth Project Addon

Official Discord

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Middle Earth Project Addon


Only one download option was selected as requested, now there is only one download option.

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Download Middle Earth Project Addon (Support Creator)

Download Middle Earth Project Addon (Drive)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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