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Chikorita Lover’s Coffee Add-on is a vanilla-style add-on for Minecraft Bedrock that will add new coffee-related blocks and items to the base game! Players can grow and harvest coffee plants for brewing, decoration, or trading. Coffee bottles temporarily allow players to avoid being targeted by phantoms and inflicted with Slowness.

Creator: Chikorita Lover (Youtube, Twitter)

Chikorita Lover’s Coffee Add-on

Coffee Add-on Items

Coffee bean

Coffee beans are seeds used to plant coffee plants or obtain ground coffee. They can be planted on grass blocks, podzol, dirt, coarse dirt, and farmland. Expert-level farmer villagers offer to buy 18 coffee beans for an emerald. Coffee beans are obtained from coffee berries and destroy immature coffee plants. Some wandering traders may sell a coffee bean for three emeralds.

Chikorita Lover's Coffee Add-on

A coffee plant has eight age stages and has a 50% chance to advance to the next stage after receiving a random tick. When destroyed or interacted with while bearing berries, the coffee plant will drop two to three coffee berries. Coffee plants generate naturally as random patches in jungle biomes, each chunk within a jungle biome has a one-in-16 chance of generating with a patch of up to six coffee plants.

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Coffee berries

Coffee berries are food items harvested from mature coffee plants. They can be eaten to restore as much hunger and saturation as sweet berries, or crafted into coffee beans.

Coffee add-on

Ground coffee

Ground coffee is used in decoration and brewing. Ground coffee can craft blocks of ground coffee or can be used in brewing coffee bottles. Ground coffee is obtained from coffee beans. Apprentice-level cleric villagers will take ground coffee and an emerald in exchange for a coffee bottle

Coffee add-on

Coffee Bottle

Coffee bottles are unsackable drink items that inflict mobs with a caffeine effect, as well as restoring two hunger and 4.8 saturation. The caffeine effect lasts for three minutes and provides immunity to Slowness. Phantom won’t target players with caffeine, however, if a player attacks a phantom, the phantom will retaliate. A coffee bottle can be obtained by trading with apprentice-level cleric villagers or brewing ground coffee into a potion or water bottle.

Coffee add-on

Block of coffee beans

Blocks of coffee beans are decorative blocks crafted from nine coffee beans each. They can also serve as storage blocks, nine coffee beans can be retrieved from a block of coffee beans.

Coffee add-on

Block of Ground coffee

Blocks of ground coffee are decorative blocks crafted from nine ground coffee each. They can also serve as storage blocks, nine ground coffee can be retrieved from a block of ground coffee.

Coffee add-on


Known bugs

  • Coffee beans appear as coffee plants within the inventory for other players in a multiplayer world, the item will appear as intended for the world owner
  • Ground coffee can be brewed into potions, not just water bottles
  • Using pick block on a coffee plant returns a bugged item
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