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Reign of Dragons is inspired by Game of Thrones, with this add-on you will be able to fight wild flaming dragons, make custom armor, hatch your dragon eggs, and have your own suitable for flying and shooting fire.

Creator: HardLove (Twitter, Youtube)

Reign of Dragons

Flaming Dragon

Flaming Dragon is a wild creature that inhabits the surface of the overworld, there are four species that are red, green, black, and yellow. The male variation has no details on the wings, whereas the females have details like fire and drop eggs when they are defeated

This formidable creature’s attacks are powerful bites, swoops as it flies, wing attacks, and bursts of fire. Be careful not to get hit.

Flaming Dragon Egg

Can be hatched while on fire, choose a block that won’t let the fire go out and then place the Dragon Egg, then set the block on fire, the egg should take ten minutes to hatch

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Tamed Dragon

Tame your flaming dragon after the egg hatches, as long as the Dragon is a hatchling it can climb on the player, note that the Dragon darkens as it grows, when the Dragon is of a certain size it can be mounted, flew, and armored, and also will be able to fire while the player is mounted.

Make your scale armor

Dragons drop scales when defeated and these scales can be used to make armor


Q: Was the ice dragon removed as well as the Valyrian steel?
A: Yes but don’t worry these were removed to be reworked.

Q: Will there be other dragons, if so which ones?
A: Yes it will be fire, poison, lightning, and ice

Q: Will you see other creatures, if so which ones?
A: Yes I’m thinking about Jakalope, hippogriffs, undead from GoT with the king of the night (boss), and creatures from mythologies like the greek, Celtic, nordic, and whatever I like to add

Q: Why do you use google drive instead of Mediafire?
A: Because Mediafire deleted a lot of my files without authorization and what’s more, google drive is faster and more efficient.

Q: Why linkvertise?
A: Because it’s fully configurable and my links were analyzed by VirusTotal with 100% clean result/


Textures and behaviors redone, blocks added, ice dragon and Valyrian steel removed.

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