Cave Enhancements Addon for Minecraft

Cave Enhancements will change the underground completely in your Minecraft world!! It includes more than 300 items, the new cave generation, 50 ores, realistic torches, and much more. Besides that, this addon will make your game unbalanced as there are over 200 weapons. Are you ready to get a new experience?

Cre: Warhead

Cave Enhancements Addon is not a recreation of the 1.17 Caves And Cliffs Update. Please make sure to read this description so you truly understand what this is about

Cave Enhancements Addon Feature

New cave generation

Cave Enhancements Addon, here you can see the caves are much larger than normal, which you can find common in plains biomes.

It similars to the 1.17 showcased so you can experience that rush of caving months early

Cave Biomes

Let watch three cave biomes below in this Cave Enhancements addon

Desert caves

You will find these caves in the underground desert in your world. That is a new type of biomes stone that call Sandy Stone.

Also, these caves include a variant of your regular ores and stone types such as sandy coal ore and sandesite

 Icey caves

You can find this cave in the underground Tundra and Snowy Plains. But you should be careful because there are patches of ice that could slip on and fall in the lava.

These caves also hold a block called Slush which can be used for secret pathways. Variants of vanilla ores and stone types also have in these caves. Near the surface levels, you will find a light blue stone that is slippery so you might wanna dig down!

Jungle Caves

Here has a warning. These caves are the laggiest in Cave Enhancements addon because of the advanced generation. Also, these caves have large amounts of growth such as vines and mud!

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

End Caves

The end caves normally boring place after the dragon not fight well anymore. If you have ever wanted to make an End base, now is your chance underground!!

New Structures in Cave Enhancements

Credits to Machine Builder for his FRG program!

New Dungeon

This new dungeon is full of exciting loot and secrets that can find all sorts of mobs spawning here (includes Creeper). Let explore and try to defeat the monsters that lay ahead

Moss Caves

You can find a mini-dungeon, deposit, and a miners hut around here. Within this structure, you will see how perfect this can make as a home or temporary mining station

Crystal Caves

It includes full of crystal blocks and rivers. In addition, this structure has a mini-dungeon, rivers, a geyser, and a small library.

An amazing loot here will help you while you are in the caves. Beware! The spawning of these can be very glitchy so don’t be surprised if one has generated strange.

New Ores

There are 30 ores in the overworld, 10 ores in the nether, and 10 ores in the End. All these ore will serve a special use within the next few updates. As of now, all ores are used for weapons, some for creating pickaxes

Underwater Ores

You can see the light under the ocean, all are the ores that can be found and used.

Weapons, tools, and armor

All these things can be found within the creative menu. The battleaxes, swords, hammers, and sickles can all be obtained in the swords menu.


There are only 9 pickaxes in this Cave Enhancements addon. It’s generated from crucial materials such as Nickel, Copper, Hematite, Garnet, Opal, Painite, Kyanite, Voidstone, and Jade.


It only has 5 armor sets which include Ruby, Tanzanite, Cobalt, Copper Link, and emerald armor. Each of these can be crafted using the corresponding materials.

Items helpful in the caves

Cave Grass and the Compressor

Cave Grass: this is a grass that can be found in the caves. When you interact, it will light up for a short amount of time

The Compressor is a new crafting device. It crafted with iron and cobblestone and can compress cobblestone into one block and also turn granite, diorite, and andesite into normal cobblestone.

Working Torches

when you hold a torch in your hand it will light up the area and follow you. Thanks to ColoringEmy86 for all the help with doing this


You may notice roots under grass blocks while your spawning. These root blocks can be broken for roots which can be used in creating saplings, healing potions, and bone meal.


Behavior Pack .mcpack or here
Resource Pack .mcpack or here

👉That’s all want introduce to you If you like this addon, you can also check our Scp Breach Remake v4Rhex Mutant Creature

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[…] If you like this addon, you can also check our Cave Enhancements Addon, Scp Breach Remake […]


[…] Cave Enhancements Addon for Minecraft […]


[…] Cave Enhancements Addon for Minecraft […]

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