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Dust tale is a character centered about Sans. It is a short story about Dusttale. So this time, I’m making an addon about Dusttale with the character Dust Sans.

HabiRGB Dust Sans Add-on

Some screenshots from MCPE Addons:

This add has a Gaster Blaster on ther side. It is main weapon. The Gaster blaster does a lot of damage.


  • Health: 60000-1 (very impossible to beat)
  • Atttackables:
    • Gaster Blaster: Deals 100000 damage plus instant damage effect.
    • Purple Bones: Unlike the Bone of the sans, this purple bone is very deadly and dangerous, it will give the enemy the Weakness effect.


  • Add new fight theme
  • Add new ability (Bones Raining)


  • Download addon beta

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