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Explore new underground biomes, find new natural structures, encounter new cave themed creatures. Fight a new boss, be spooked by classic cave sounds, and more in the Cave Update Add-on! This add-on adds many very needed additions to caves to make them exciting again. Check back for updates as more will be added in the future!

Enable Experimental Gameplay

Creator: The Big Onion Institute

Cave Update

New to Version 3:

Version 3 fixes 1.16 compatibility issues as well as adding a plethora of new features. These include 10 new blocks, several new enemies, 2 new underground biomes, new micro-biomes in the cave, and more!

Generated Strucutres:

All of these structures will generate in limited quantities. That means that they won’t clog up your world by spawning infinitely! So, you don’t need to worry about your mines being filled with random structures. You will only find these in unexplored caves.

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

End Portal Room

The end portal room is rare of the structures. It generates about as often as dungeon do. You can rely on finding one of these if the nearest stronghold is too far away from your house.

Spider Nest:

This is a spider-filled hole found in most caves. Falling in is very dangerous, but does yield substantial loot from all of the spider eggs!

Ancient Nether Portals:

These portals were abandoned by their creators long ago and have since fallen into disrepair. They are missing most of their obsidian but can be repaired!… or just broken down for scrap…

Vases – Cave Update

Group of vases now spawn naturally underground but a in limited supply. They drop comparable loot to spider eggs. however, they can also drop rusty iron keys. These are needed to open the new cave treasure chests.

Iron and Gold Chests:

These chests can spawn anywhere in the underground, with the gold chests predominantly spawning deeper down. Both chests require respective keys to open: Iron Chest require rusty iron keys and Gold Chests require gold key. You can find iron keys in vases and gold keys in iron chest. Be careful as sometimes these chests are not as they appear…

Weapons- Cave Update

Bone Club

The Bone club is found exclusively in the previously mentioned chests. It does comparable damage to a stone sword but has permanent knockback II. It is also UNBREAKABLE. Use it to send your foes flying away from you!

Friendly Spider Nest

Not a conventional weapon, the friendly spider nest is a reward gained from defeating the Spider Matriarch Boss. It is a spider egg that continuously spawns friendly green-eyed spiders that will dispatch your enemies. You can recollect the egg by punching it a couple of times and picking it back up as an item. I would imagine this would be fairly useful in raids!

Cave Update Biomes cave update

Deep Desert

Underground Desert

The underground desert generates underneath both desert biomes and mesa biomes. Features special desert stone and desert-colored ore.

Underground Jungle

The underground jungle generates under jungle biomes. Features unique mossy stone patches and more plant life to give it a more jungle feel. Beware, dangerous monsters spawn here.

Underground Tundra

Generates under tundra and ice pike biomes. Features special ice stone and large patches of packed ice and rare blue ice farther down.

Passive Mobs – Cave Update

Villager Miners:

These poor villagers have become trapped and need your help to rescue them! They are found trapped in webs underground and you free them by punching the webs off. They are weak and require food to get the strength to follow you. Once you feed them, they will need to be lead back to the nearest village where they will reward you with XP and become a Miner-themed Villager. They use any work stand that other villagers use and trade miner-themed items.

Glow Worm

Glow worms are friendly. You can find little worms in all overworld caves. Fitting with their name, the glow worms actually glow! They act as dynamic sources of light in caves. You can lure them to specific destinations using brown mushrooms. They drop Glow Goo that when eaten, grants you night vision and it can be crafted into a Goo Lantern using 4 Glow Goos.

Ore Clawlers:

You can found these little arthropods anywhere underground and when you kill it, their will drop their respective. They deal lots of damage and resist knock-back so, early on your best chance of survival is to run. I plan to add more types of mimics in the future such as barrel mimics and possibly ore mimics, so be on the lookout for future updates!

Hostile Mobs Cave Update: cave update

Undead Miner

The undead remains of unlucky villager miners. They are a dangerous foe on account of their pickaxes. Drop bones and rarely ingots. Find in underground below Y=40 or in abandoned mineshafts.

Brood Spider

Large spiders that carry their brood on their abdomen, waiting for sick hordes of spiderlings your way. They are rare but pose a significant threat to early players when encountered, similar to enderman. Keep your distance when possible. Drop string, spider eyes, and a spider heart used to craft the boss spawn. Find in underground everywhere and in higher levels in the jungle.

Spider Eggs:

Spider eggs don’t pose a direct threat themselves and in fact, can offer loot when destroyed. However, they also release several spiderlings when broken in addition to their treasure. Spider eggs are found in Spider Nests that generate periodically underground. Treasure consist of cave themed items.


Small baby spider spawned by Brood Spiders, Spider Eggs, and the Spider Matriarch. While they pose little threat by themselves, they are dangerous in numbers.

Bristle Spider:

A ranged spider that accompanies the Spider Matriarch during the boss battle. It fires a slew of bristles at the player.

More creatures are to be added in Future Cave Update:

Boss Mob

Matriarch Spider:

The Matriarch Spider is the largest of the bunch and is not the best mood when summoned. To summon the Matriarch Spider, one must craft the Matriarch Spider Spawn Block using 4 Spider Hearts and 5 string. Place down the block and break it to gain the spawn egg. The spider Matriarch has 275 HP and switches between two attack modes depending on how far she is from her target. In ranged mode, the summons reinforcements in the form of spiderlings, brood spiders, and bristle spiders. She will periodically fire bristles at the player in this mode as well. When in melee mode, she will summon only spider eggs but will also charge the player. A shield, a bow, and at least iron armor and sword are strongly recommended for this fight. The Matriarch Spider drops large amounts of cave related items including a friendly spider egg summoner!

Even more stuff…

There are many more small additions added in various areas throughout the underground. Prismarine shard and crystal ore in ocean biomes, more blocks, prismarite ingots, edible spider hearts, etc…

If you have any suggestions on what I should add, let me know!


  • Matriarch Spider
    • Name changed to Matriarch Spider
    • Update boss fight
    • Added new digging ability
  • Glowworms
    • Are now leasable
    • Are brighter
    • Have fewer light glitches
  • Spider Eggs
    1. Are now more optimized for performance


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Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja
1 year ago

for me I cant craft the boss egg and the vases dont drop items…
or well the boss egg block.

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