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For too long has large-scale terraforming been a pain on Bedrock. Introducing World Fabricator, an add-on inspired by World Edit from Java. This add-on supports multiple brush sizes, shapes, types, and much more to allow you to terraform with ease.

Creator: GoggledGecko

World Fabricator

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Since it seemed like no one was going to make a proper World Edit like the mod. This add-on mainly focuses on the terraforming part.

You can make highly customizable brushes, varying in task, size, shape, and material. It also has a really easy way to make a new brush using a chest instead of commands.

The main feature includes:

  • A build brush
  • A paint brush that allows you to paint a blocks that were already placed
  • An eraser tool to delete or shape the terrain
  • A textured brush that paints a random texture, for easy terrain detailing
  • A masking tool to only paint over certain blocks
  • 3 different brush shapes (Sphere, Cylinder and Cube)
  • 4 different brush sizes
  • 27 blocks to choose from for building and painting.
  • Compatible with Cinematron Replayer
  • 1655 function files and 138 other add-on related files (you don't actually need to use the function files, everything is handle via the built in, custom tools)

Please note:

World Fabricator is easy to use once you get the hang of it. if you use it the first time, watch the tutorial, just to see how everything works. Type “/function setup” to get started.


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