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Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans

Welcome to Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans addon, which comprises previously unseen titans and animals not found in my Godzilla versus Kong addon; this is essentially a GvK addon with some improvements. Note: This addon is only available on Mcpeaddons; there are no other websites or apps that can distribute my addon without the consent of the owner. Let’s get started.

Cre: Monster122 (Youtube)

Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans Features

Titanus Godjira/Godzilla

A Godzilla we know, battled the mutos, Ghidorah,Kong and Mecha Godzilla.

  • Health:1300000
  • Attack:35000
  • Tail attack:99000
  • Atomic breath (per hit):24000

Features include the ability to be revived via a hollow earth power source or a thermonuclear explosion, as well as the ability to be equipped with armor.

Armored Godzilla

Armored version of godzilla, can use an atomic pulse.

  • Health:1300000
  • Attack:38000
  • Atomic Pulse:99000
  • Atomic breath(per hit):30000

Features: can be resurrected with a thermonuclear weapon or a hollow earth power source.

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Supercharged Godzilla

A supercharged version of godzilla, nonstop using his atomic breath.

  • Health:1200000
  • Attack:35000
  • Tail attack:99000
  • Atomic breath(per hit):29000

Features: may be resurrected with a hollow earth power source or a thermonuclear bomb, and can transform into a thermonuclear Godzilla or a flaming Godzilla.

Burning Godzilla/Thermonuclear Godzilla

The most OP titan in this addon, has a devastating attack called the ring of fire.

  • Health:99900000
  • Attack:59000
  • Thermonuclear Pulse:999974
  • Ring for fire(per hit):88950

Godzilla (2014)

A pre-developed alpha, fights The mutos including Muto Prime.

  • Health:920000
  • Attack:32000
  • Tail attack:93000
  • Atomic breath(per hit):10000


A young member of Godzilla species which killed by MUTO Prime.

  • Health:850000
  • Tail attack:85000
  • Atomic breath(per hit):15000

Titanus Kong

Perhaps there are more Kong species in the Hollow Earth than this.

  • Health:900000
  • Attack:32000
  • Critical Punch:99000
  • Heavy punch:99000
  • Godzilla Allie variant Has the same stats

Features: can be revived using the vehicle heav and can be equiped with ancient axe.

Kong with axe

Kong’s species provided him with an antique axe.

  • Health:930000
  • Attack:38000
  • Critical attack:99400
  • Axe slash 1-2:99400
  • Heavy slash:99400

Kong w/ axe Allie has the same stats.

Features: may be resurrected with the vehicle heav and transformed into Godzilla Allie.

Mecha Godzilla

Godzilla was built to kill him, with missiles and his Proton roar.

  • Health:1465000
  • Attack:43000
  • Heavy punch:97000
  • Rockets (per hit):10000
  • Proton scream(per hit):30000
  • Redstone block can be used to resurrect it.

Ghidorah/Monster Zero

Godzilla is hunted by a creature that arrived from the farthest reaches of space.

  • Health:1950000
  • Attack:43000
  • Super attack(damage per tick):30000
  • Gravity beam(per hit):27000

MUtO prime

Nature’s Evolution to kill a Godjira specie’s.

  • Health:997000
  • Attack:36000
  • Smash attack:99400
  • Sonic roar(per hit):25000

MUTO queen

Seen in KOTM and acknowledged Godzilla is the alpha.

  • Health:720000
  • Attack:23000
  • EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse):87400

MUTO female

Seen in 2014, and attacks Godzilla.

  • Health:650000
  • Attack:23000

MUTO male

A male version of MUTO species.

  • Health:390000
  • Attack:8500
  • EMP:15

EMPs can be used to shut off redstone or other redstone-related builds and light sources in Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans addon.

Titanus Behemoth

The guardian of Amazon rainforest.

  • Health:800000
  • Attack:22000
  • Group smash:85000

Titanus Mokele Mbembe

Introduced in KOTM graphic novel

  • Health:750000
  • Attack:37000

Titanus Methuselah

Shown in KOTM as a mountain like titan.

  • Health:850000
  • Attack:25000

Titanus Scylla

  • Health:500000
  • Attack:35000

Titanus Amhuluk

Introduced in the official comic Godzilla Dominion, in which he and the behemoth fight for dominance.

  • Health:880000
  • Attack:28000
  • Ground smash:93000

Titanus tiamat

She first appears in Godzilla Dominion, attacking Godzilla and eventually defeating him and acknowledging Godzilla as the alpha.

  • Health:650000
  • Attack:23000
  • Poison breath:15200

Titanus Na-Kika

  • Introduced in Godzilla Dominion.
  • Health:640000
  • Attack:20000

Titanus leviathan

  • Unknown titan.
  • Health:650000
  • Attack:23000
  • Thunder roar:15200

Titanus Sekhmet

  • Unknown Titan.
  • Health:840000
  • Attack:10000
  • Death flame(per hit):14000

Titanus Baphomet

  • Unknown Titan
  • Health:870000
  • Attack:32000
  • Ground smash:95000
Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans

Download Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans


  • Godzilla’s tail, first seen in Godzilla: Awakening, can be used to deal more damage.
  • Health:580000
  • Attack:8850
  • Tail attack:10200

Titanus Rodan

  • A fire demon.
  • Health:750000
  • Attack:9500
  • Barrel roll:9500

Titanus Mosura/Mothra

  • In KOTM, she sacrifices herself to convert Godzilla into a thermonuclear monster.
  • Health:500000
  • Attack:8700
  • God ray:90000
  • Features: If a dead Godzilla is nearby when she is killed, she will approach it and revive it, causing her to perish fully.

Her stages:



  • Wait turn into cocoon and transform into imago.
  • Health:2000
  • Attack:29

Titanus Camazotz

  • Kong was confronted by a creature who came from the hollow earth.
  • Health:880000
  • Attack:9830
  • Sonic screech(per hit):14000
  • He will summon the Camazotz minions if you spawn him.

Cranium reptants

Titan skull crawler

  • Lives deeper in the Hollow Earth.
  • Health:550000
  • Attack:10000

Apex skullcrawler/No.10

  • One who killed by Mecha Godzilla as a test subject.
  • Health:90000
  • Attack:3500

Small variants:

  • Skull devil/ramarak.
  • Juvenile skullcrawler

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Hollow Earth creatures


  • Predators of hollow earth.
  • Health:95000
  • Attack:4800


  • Introduced in Godzilla Dominion.
  • Health:65000
  • Attack:1900

Foetodon/ Titanus Doug

  • Fan favorite hollow earth creature.
  • Health:455
  • Attack:95


  • Baby foetodon can be tamed with bone
  • Can be fed with meets.
  • Rideable if you grew the tamed baby.

Rock Critter

  • Foetodons favorite food.
  • Health:190
  • Attack:9.5

Hell hawk

When confronted in a group, these dangerous monsters may raise you into the air and then drop you to the ground.

  • Health:50
  • Attack:4
  • Features: can lift you and drops you in the sky.

Skull island creatures

KONG 1973

  • Back in 1973, a child version of Kong lived on Skull Island.
  • Health:2520
  • Attack:250


  • Can be fed with wheats to grow into 1995.
  • The same feeding strategy from 1995 to 2021 (adult).

Siren jaw

  • Has the strongest bite force in Skull island.
  • Health:350
  • Attack:90
  • There is a larger one of these peaceful creatures on Skull Island.

Sker Buffalo


  • Health:58
  • Attack:20
  • Big one
  • Health:115
  • Attack:50

Spore Mantis

  • Stick bug.
  • Health:150
  • Attack:14

Mother Longlegs

She can blend in with the bamboo forest, and if you spawn her, she will set up an ambush trap for you.

  • Health:30
  • Attack:10

Death jackal

Don’t deal with them in packs, as they were introduced in Skull Island: Birth of Kong.

  • Health:40
  • Attack:18

Leaf wing

  • Don’t let them poisoned.
  • Health:10
  • Attack:2
  • Features: If you throw a poison at them or label them “mad,” they will attack anything.

Machines and soldiers

Monarch turret:

Apex turret:

Monarch soldier

Apex soldier


Thermonuclear bomb

Flint and steel can be used to ignite it.

Oxygen Destroyer

It can be activated with Flint and Steel, and it has the ability to slay all titans (instead Ghidorah).


Heav(Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle)

This Vehicle, which may be ridden by up to six players, can be used to resurrect Kong.

Long tap the vehicle while using the lever and crouching. If you notice a timer, it means Kong is about to be revived.


Godzilla skull

Kong skull

Ghidorah skull

If you showcase this addon, Do not use direct links like MediaFire or other links such as linkvertise. 


If you showcase this addon, Do not use direct links like MediaFire or other links such as linkvertise. 


Download Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans



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