Shin Godzilla Add-on | Minecraft PE Addons

Shin Godzilla will roam on your world just ignore him but if you want to fight him…. well, it’s not a good idea.

Creator: Monstergamer

Feature of Shin Godzilla

First Form

  • Health: 20000
  • If you spawn him, he will show his tail

Kamata Kun

  • Health: 20000
  • Harmless

Shinagawa Kun

  • Health: 400000
  • When you spawn, he will roar
  • He is harmless but he will attack you if you attack him

Kamakura San

  • Health: 5000000
  • Have special abilities:
    • Mouth and Tail laser damage: 70000
    • Dorsal laser damage: 70000
  • He will not attack you if you didn’t attack him


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