Ghost Rider Hell Cycle and HELL HORSE Update!

Ghost Rider Addon worked for almost 8 months, it added Hell Cycle and Hell Horse. I stopped for a few weeks to figure out how to add the fire trails and smoke effects to it. I would like to say thanks to Dragnoz, I took apart his motorbike addon and added my own code that makes my project finally be completed

The Ghost Rider who collector devil’s soul is right here!!

Cre: Eyebags, Twitter, Youtube

Hell Cycle and HELL HORSE

This is a Hell Cycle that is modeled after the Ghost Rider Movie Hell Cycle from the old Nicholas Cage movie

Hell Horse Update + Transformation Update + Glowing Skin!

This motorbike doesn’t sink in Lava as well as not burn in the lava

Both hell cycle and hell horse leave a fire trail and smoke

It doesn’t sink in the water too

Hell cycle and hell horse has a custom sound as well but it’s different depending on what it’s on. The sound on land is different from the sound on the water


The Hell Cycle will also drive itself to you if it’s in Hell Mode and once you hold a chain. If you can not find it in the parking lot, just grab your chain and it will find you instead (distance around 10 – 11 blocks)

The Hell Cycle can jump up to 8 blocks high

When you ride the Hell cycle, it will give you fire resistance, night vision, and strength

Glows in the dark

It even leaves a trail of fire!! So you need to be careful when going through a village, you may burn it down

Look at this capture below, you can see the particle and smoke when it through and leaves behind

When you hold a chain, the Hell Cycle will drive itself to you. It will find you at a distance of around 10 to 11 blocks!

For somehow, the Hell Cycle Addon can’t find in the parking lot!!

Planned Updates

  • Blue Hell Cycle (Angel Rider): Suggested by: DevastatorX5, Luz10noch0_The_Enderm4n, Reeper231320
  • Robby Reyes Hell Car (From Marvel Agents of Shield): Suggested by: TheNekozillaYT, TF(from Twitter)
New Year Minecraft Skin

Minor Planned Updates

  • Transformation Animation
  • Jump Animation

Hell Cycle Addon Glow Skin

The version of this addon includes a Ghost Rider skin that glows. It still has many bugs since the Minecraft update, so I decided to make this version only available after I release the Blue Hell Cycle or after I get 40 subs on Youtube and 30 followers on Twitter!!

Note from Creator:

  1. Do not republish this addon as your own or modify it contents without my consent.
  2. If you want to use this addon in other works including but not limited to videos and maps. Please give credit to the creator (me)
  3. As said in rule 2 when giving credit. Please link to this MCPEDL page and not the direct mediafire link. Thanks.


– Updated: Hell Cycle and Hell Horse addon to be compatible with the new Minecraft Cave Update Part 1
– 1.17 Compatible


Hell Cycle and Hell Horse (BH) or Download (GG drive)
Hell Cycle and Hell Horse (RH) or Download (GG drive)

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New Year Minecraft Skin

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