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Funkopop add-on will add to your Minecraft dolls based on funko pops, which can be used as decoration and can be used in your survival mode. This works like a block so you have to use the latest 1.16 beta version.

Creator: ArathNidoGamer

To get a survival funkopop, you must make the default funko pop, using this recipe (Three of stone and one of black stone)

You can also make the funko pop with its box using this recipe. (One funko pop by default and eight sticks)

To get a funko pop from a character, you must use a stone cutter and place the default funko pop or in a box:

List of available characters:

  • Default character
  • Steve
  • Alex
  • Creeper
  • Captain America
  • Deadpool
  • Spider-man
  • Superman
  • Marty Mcfly
  • Finn the human
  • Jake the dog
  • Cuddle team leader

You can place it in any position.


  • Download Resources Pack
  • Download Behaviors Pack
  • Apply the packs to your world
  • Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings
  • Create the world


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