Tatsulok Add-on for Minecraft Pe (1.16.100+)

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Triangular blocks added in this Tatsulok Add-on. Now you can make a custom geometry in your Minecraft world. Do you know why this addon call “Tatsulok”? I use the name from the word in Tagalog that translates to the triangle. Hope you will make awesome structures with this addon

Cre: CodanRaigenXXI, Twitter, Youtube


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Use Minecraft Stonecutter to get Triangular blocks, place any building block on it

Tatsulok Add-on Types:

There are 3 types of triangles: Sides – Ups- Downs

You can create your own structure with these blocks. They are also directional, face north and you get a north-facing block

Possibilities of Tatsulok Add-on

Diagonal walls

Sloped roofs

Triangle blocks

All these blocks are used to place in a stonecutter to obtain tatsulok blocks

  • oak planks
  • spruce planks
  • birch planks
  • jungle planks
  • acacia planks
  • dark oak planks
  • crimson planks
  • warped planks
  • andesite
  • blackstone
  • brick
  • cobblestone
  • dark prismarine
  • diorite
  • end stone brick
  • granite
  • mossy cobblestone
  • mossy stone bricks
  • nether bricks
  • polished andesite
  • polished blackstone
  • polished blackstone bricks
  • polished diorite
  • polished granite
  • prismarine
  • prismarine bricks
  • purpur
  • quartz
  • red nether brick
  • red nether bricks
  • sandstone
  • smooth quartz
  • smooth red sandstone
  • smooth sandstone
  • smooth stone
  • stone
  • stone bricks
  • black concrete
  • blue concrete
  • brown concrete
  • cyan concrete
  • gray concrete
  • green concrete
  • light blue concrete
  • lime concrete
  • magenta concrete
  • orange concrete
  • pink concrete
  • purple concrete
  • red concrete
  • silver concrete
  • white concrete
  • yellow concrete
  • iron block
  • gold block
  • diamond block
  • emerald block
  • netherite block
  • Glass
  • Stained glass
  • Logs
  • Stripped logs
  • Deepslate variants
  • Copper variants (except waxed ones)
  • Tuff
  • Calcite
  • Dripstone
  • Smooth basalt
  • Quartz bricks
  • Cracked nether bricks
  • Honeycomb
  • Terracotta
  • Obsidian variants


Tatsulok Add-on

 Tatsulok Add-on
or here (gg drive)

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You can get .ZIP file here: Tatsulok addon .zip

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