Working Phone Minecraft – MinePhone 3.3

Hi guys, welcome to MinePhone III – A working phone in Minecraft. It’s a fully functional phone that fits into the palm of your blocky hand. It uses map technology that gives you a 128x screen.

The keyboard work on this phone. The infamous Minecraft in Minecraft, it’s very easy to get the hang of

Cre: Freddricc – Dragon, Youtube

How to open MinePhone III

There is an optional to change the style of phone, you just need to open the resource pack and choose which option you want

Classic MinePhone – Sharp MinePhone – Modern MinePhone

The first time you open the phone in the world, you must Sneak (crouch) to unlock the phone. You can hold the phone in your main hand or off hand

After sneaking, you will be met with a homescreen with 12 apps to choose from. Each app on the phone have a functional

The Selector

It’s a yellow outliner that outlines what has been selected


Controls MinePhone III

  • Moving North – South – East – West ( W , A, S, D): moving cursor in four directions
  • Jumping: Selects what the selector is currently on (It’s like clicking on a screen)
  • Sneaking = Brings you to the home screen (It’s like a home button)

Most of the apps will have similar controls

If the phone freezes completely, you might have to exit and go back world.

Let watch some preview of the phone:

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Functional Apps

  • Settings
  • Notes
  • Flappy Bird
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Minecraft

Place the Barrier block to exit the Minecraft app

Nonfunctional Apps

These app will give you an image but will not do anything

  • YouTube
  • Safari
  • Phone
  • Maps
  • App Downloader

Extra Information

Settings: You can only change the background. It includes 3 backgrounds to choose from


  • There are all the letters and numbers on the keyboard, even the enter and backspace key.
  • There are a few extra symbols as well.
  • Make sure you hit the “Save” button to save your progress

Photos: Currently 4 Pictures to view

Flappy Bird: This game is accidentally way harder and more challenging. It’s really impressive if you get a score higher than 5!! There is also a scoreboard that tracks your score and high score. Now the game is in Beta so there may be randomly dying because it’s on 1 FPS

Music: It includes 5 songs in MinePhone III, you can loop songs and stop the song at the bottom of the screen. If you left the app, the music still plays!!

Phone: the phone can use to dial numbers but it can’t actually call anyone

Minecraft (BETA): I will not spoil now, but if you want to exit the game, place down the barrier block

App Downloader: to make it actually functional, I’ll need help!

Note from Creator:

  • Do not claim it’s your own
  • Do not repost on another website without credits to me
  • Please credit me if showcased, thank you

More Credits

Created by: Freddricc (DragonMC)

Sweden by C418
Wet Hands by C418
Für Elise by Beethoven
Turkish March by Mozart
Calm by C418


– Bug Fixes
– Fixed:
+ Color disfiguration
+ VR issue in Minecraft



Mine Phone III mcaddon

You can get .ZIP file here:  MinePhone III .ZIP

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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[…] Working Phone Minecraft – MinePhone 3.3 […]

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