FurnitCraft GNJ v1.4 Addon

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FurnitCraft GNJ (v1.4) Addon emphasize on having the most machimo of furniture as possible; among other objects, +50 furniture was created, each of which is an entity with remarkable features, among other blocks added.

Cre: mostergu (Youtube, Twitter)

FurnitCraft GNJ (v1.4) Addon

FurnitCraft GNJ
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Contains a variety of furniture, products, and blocks, some of which can turn on the light, such as lamps, lamps, and lamps, as well as a refrigerator and inventory to keep items.

Others, such as sofas and chairs, can be put together to decorate residences in the game.

Some addons Minecraft PE about Furniture you can check in Mcpeaddons.com

New furniture:

FurnitCraft GNJ
FurnitCraft GNJ


FurnitCraft GNJ

Traffic cone

FurnitCraft GNJ

Blue wall clock

FurnitCraft GNJ
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FurnitCraft GNJ


FurnitCraft GNJ


FurnitCraft GNJ


FurnitCraft GNJ


FurnitCraft GNJ

Gaming chair.

FurnitCraft GNJ

gaming headset.

FurnitCraft GNJ


FurnitCraft GNJ

Book shelf.

FurnitCraft GNJ


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Entity that emit light:

The major entities that contain lighting are those that display with the title “ON” when pointing to the entity; the same happens when pointing to the entity with the title “OFF,” which disables the lighting of what the entity emits.

FurnitCraft GNJ

Cada um das entidades que emitiram iluminação tem como fonte de 12 vezes mais de blocos de luz, para simular um objeto da vida real que souta energia para gerar luz, como abajures, luminárias, e lâmpadas.


Quase Todos componentes sobre o addons foram atualizados para maior resumo sobre cada móveis do addons entre outras coisas.


1 – You will click on the link (FurnitCraft GNJ v1.3 addon).

2 – And then the link will take you to the site (Mediafire.com).

3 – Click on the name inside the blue button that is the same as the addons.

4 – Click on the downloaded file and it will go straight to (Minecraft).

FurnitCraft GNJ

Download FurnitCraft GNJ (v1.4) Addon (Mediafire)

Download FurnitCraft GNJ (v1.4) Addon (File Drive)

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