Basic Machinery Expansion

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Basic Machinery Expansion is a follow-up to the Basic Machinery add-on. Basic Machinery Expansion adds a slew of additional machines, features, power generators, and other goodies to the game. This addon requires version or above (minecraft beta)

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Basic Machinery Expansion


Pylon – allows you to teleport to another pylon from any location in the world; pylons do not need to be loaded in order to be teleported to. Upgraded power is required to interact (punch to interact, crouch + punch to take up).

Power Transmitter – transmits power to a second transmitter that is attached to it. By punching transmitter 1 and transmitter 2, transmitter 2 will now transfer power to transmitter 1, and vice versa to transfer power between both transmitters. Takes any electricity coming from the top and sends it to the bottom. 

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Power Downgrader – Upgraded power is reduced to 5 standard power. Takes improved power from any direction except the bottom, and outputs regular power from the bottom. (

Nuclear Reactor – can hold up to four reactor rods at once, each generating 15 enhanced power. If it is active, it deals damage to everyone within 5 blocks.

Chopper – destroys trees 2 blocks above it when powered

Passive Spawner – spawns passive mobs when powered, has a 5s cooldown

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Hostile Spawner – spawns hostile mobs when powered, has a 5s cooldown

Nether Spawner – spawns hostile nether mobs when powered, has a 5s cooldow

Some addons Minecraft PE are similar to this addon in you can check: 


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REQUIRES VERSION (current minecraft beta)


ENABLE Holiday Creator Features, Upcoming Creator Features, GameTest Framework, and Molang Features

Basic Machinery Expansion

Download Basic Machinery Expansion (Media fire)

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Download Basic Machinery Expansion (File Drive)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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