Elytra Pro v2.1 | Infinite Flight + New Models

Have you ever wanted to use Elytra without having to jump off from a high place or use an Elytra launcher? This addon is possible !! Elytra Pro with infinite flight and new models, hope you enjoy it

Cre: Coptaine, Twitter, Youtube

How to use Elytra Pro

  • Equip your Elytra
  • Look up then jump
  • Look down and use the elytra as you normally do when you are in the air
  • When you want to gain height, look up, and your wings will flap

Now you can fly around the world infinitely without using fireworks!

Elytra Pro New Models

Now you can change the appearance of your Elytra






– Added: new model for Elytra
– Speed up the take off


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