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Let celebrate the “Dia de Muertos” (Day of the Dead) but in Minecraft with this addon. Add new decorations to make your altar of the dead, includes food and new mobs with interaction.

Creator: ArathNidoGamer

Dia de Muertos adds five new entities:

Wolf Catrines

You can get the wolves anywhere in the world, they have the same behavior as a normal wolf so you can tame them by using bones.


There are three different catrines:

  • Skeleton Catrin
  • Village Catrin
  • Catrina: Inspired by the Mexican TV cartoon character
    Catalina la catrina”

You can find them anywhere in the world and they have the same functions of a villager. You can exchange them with emeralds and they will give you decorative blocks and food.

Creeper Catrin

It appears at night, they have the same behaviors of a normal creeper so don’t think about taking them to your house.

To get decorations you can get them in survival mode trading with catrines or using these recipes from the stone cutter

Not all decorations can be made, you will have to get a catrin and emeralds to get them.

You can get tamales and bread of dead as food trading with catrines, each item gives you 6 of nutrition.

If you want to get it in creative use this command: /give @p dia_de_muertos:[item]

List of items:

mcpeaddons download

If you like this addon, I will show you more below:

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