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The trees in Minecraft really look very boring and you feel it is not real at all. And do you need something new? So we introduce something news for you, it Aesthetic Trees, it adds a bunch of new trees to your world. The tree has its winding branches and is a great place for birds and bees.

Creator: H. set0

This add-on will add 42 new types of tree (structures) to your Minecraft world that will spawn on most biomes. The structures will spawn naturally with the world and perfect addition to give your world better and more natural flow.

Aesthetic trees addon features

Birch Tree:

  • Has 9 variants
  • Length: 16 and 12 blocks with size varies
  • Spawns: Forest and Birch Forest

Oak Tree

  • More than 10 variants, size varies
  • Length: between 14 and 23 blocks
  • Spawn: Forest

Spruce Tree

  • Length: between 14 and 33 blocks
  • More than 12 variants, size varies
  • Spawn: Taiga, Mega


  • Length: 17 and 24 blocks
  • Has 2 variants, doesn’t size varies
  • Spawn: Swamp


  • Length: 17 and 24 blocks
  • More than 7 variants, size varies
  • Spawn: Savanna

Dead Tree

  • Has over 13 type
  • Spawn: around the world


If you want to make your Minecraft more exciting, you can download add-on

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