Xans Addon for Minecraft Pe (Dust InkSans Update)

If you like undervirus, would you like the Xans character from Undervirus to appear in Minecraft? Come to Xans Addon! It is a character named Xans who is not weak but very strong

Cre: VuongNhat1708, Youtube, Facebook

What’s Xans Addon have?

  • Xans (Xans Virus)
  • Geno Sans
  • Bonelurker Geno
  • Geno Blaster(GB)
  • Geno Bonefly
  • Gaster
  • Gaster Hand
  • Xans Bonelurker
  • HorrorSans
  • HorrorKnife
  • Killer Sans
  • Secret item
  • Killer Laser
  • Killer bone
  • Blaster Xans (Xans GB)
  • Ultra dustsans
  • Dust InkSans

Xans Addon

Ice Sans

He has a special skill, take no damage and almost invulnerable

Ice Pillar

He will kill the enemy immediately after 3 seconds

Ice Gaster Blaster

Fire Sans

This sans is as strong as Ice Sans, but he has less skills

Fire Gaster Blaster

Virus404 Sans

Omnipotent Sans

Xans Addon

Omni Beam

This ray beam shoots out of Omni’s third eye and releases it in a full ray beam that goes on until he closes his third eye.

It can kill any sans that is not an outer being of power or higher, but even than it’s able to stun if not completely obliterate Thought!Sans.

Omni Blaster

They do not just fire at you but also lock on to you

Xtale Gaster (X Gaster)

  • Has the same skills as my [Gaster] but much more powerful
  • Can “Overwrite”

and much more!

mcpeaddons download

Download all Xans Addon

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Xans Addon Old version


  • He is very strong who has over 1 billion health
  • More than a billion new attack power
  • Some different skills: xans gaster blaster summon, xans bone summon
  • He has only 2 skills and 2 hidden skills
  • Can import goods into the game system to do many things like change code and enter commands, …

Xans Gaster Blaster

This is the mob that is summoned by Xans

  • Damage: +1 billion
  • Health: 20

He can shoot green lasers which is a powerful attack has quite a high damage, you can produce it with eggs 

Xans BoneLurker

This is the strongest attack in Xans addon, it deals a huge amount of damage that can destroy all the mobs in Minecraft

Geno Xans Addon


Gaster Beta

This is a fictional character and not real. He is a secret character in Undertale

New version – Geno Sans

Horror Sans

Killer Sans

Ultra DustSans

It’s not weak, it defeated my Xans v1.1, Killer Sans, Horror Sans, Geno Sans and Gaster

Dust InkSans

  • Health: 999999
  • Damage: 999999

He can avoid the /kill command and dodge your attacks

You can attack him with an Iron Sword

Ultra DustSans and Dust InkSansmodel are made by XD Cyrus but all the code is written by me (visit his Youtube chanel here)

Xans Addon v2.0

He is very very strong!!!


+ Added Fire and Ice Sans Addon.
+ Fire Sans is the Enemy of Ice Sans and Ice Sans is also an enemy of Fire Sans


Geno Sans
Ultra DustSans
Dust InkSans
Xans v3 (mcaddon)
Xans v3 morph
Xtale Gaster
Antivirus Sans
Omnipotent Sans
Fire and Ice Sans
Virus404 Sans

or all addon here (gg drive)

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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