Food Addon Minecraft

Food Addon provides you with 80 new different food points to place down as decoration, and just like the” Place me!!!” add-on you can place every single bone of them down!

The informal part is, it’s compatible with it! You can use these in regale halls, dining tables, kitchens, etc. All the further to make your Minecraft worlds embellishing. Note that 50 of 80 points in this add-on are esculent, so have entertaining eating out!

Cre: CodanRaigenXXI (Youtube, Twitter)

Food Addon Feature 


Mcpe Addons want to show you all added food in Food Addon include:

  • Apple pie
  • Brown sugar
  • Sprite
  • Cherry galette
  • Chocolate galette
  • Citrus galette
  • Creeper galette
  • Massed galette
  • Lucky galette
  • Minecraft galette
  • Parasite galette
  • California roll
  • Cherry
  • Cherry pie
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate milk
  • Cupcake
  • Magical apple pie
  • Black food color
  • Blue food color
  • Brown food color
  • Cyan food color
  • Gray food color
  • Vegetation food color
  • Light blue food color
  • Lime food color
  • Magenta food color
  • Orange food color
  • Pink food color
  • Aureate food color
  • Red food color
  • Flatware food color
  • White food color
  • Chicken-livered food color
  • Gelatin
  • Gingerbread house
  • Demitasse
  • Golden apple pie
  • Ice cream demitasse
  • Black jello
  • Blue jello
  • Brown jello
  • Cyan jello
  • Gray jello
  • Green jello
  • Light blue jello
  • Lime jello
  • Magenta jello
  • Orange jello
  • Pink jello
  • Purple jello
  • Red jello
  • Silver jello
  • White jello
  • Yellow jello
  • Lemon
  • Lemon pie
  • Ikura gunkan maki (caviar battle- boat roll)
  • Uni gunkan maki ( ocean scamp battle- vessel roll)
  • Maguro maki (tuna roll)
  • Sake maki (salmon roll)
  • Ebi nigiri ( shrimp sushi)
  • Fugu nigiri (pufferfish sushi)
  • Hirame nigiri (flounder sushi)
  • Maguro nigiri (tuna sushi)
  • Sake nigiri (salmon sushi)
  • Tako nigiri (octopus sushi)
  • Tamago nigiri (egg sushi)
  • Unagi nigiri (eel sushi)
  • Onigiri (rice ball)
  • Pudding
  • Rice
  • Salmon roe
  • Seafood pie
  • Sushi cup
  • Sweet berry pie
  • Tamagoyaki ( rolled egg)
  • Temaki ( hand- rolled sushi)
  • Ube roll
  • Imp roe

Creaft recipes


All new added blocks in Food Addon include:

  • Cherry log
  • Lemon log
  • Cherry leaves
  • Lemon leaves
  • Cherry planks
  • Lemon planks

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All new added individualities include


Trades new food details with you along with new components to make them

Available in all 6 biomes


Trades sushi and a multifold components related to making sushi with you

Available in all 6 biomes

Sea urchin

  • Touching near it kills any individual within seconds
  • spawns in”Urchin roe” details under the condition of being submarine and out from any flume and ocean
  • Available in 4 variants and 3 sizes

Item ground ( food)

  • The same item from” Place me!!!” add-on that allows you to turn the custom details 3D making them placeable
  • You can take back the 3D item by killing this commodity
  • When interacted with any croquette from this add-on, it allows you to take it back by interacting with it or hurt this commodity to let it fill up your hunger bar, 7 slices like the vanilla minecraft croquette. The same function goes for the”Ube roll”and the”Gingerbread house”.
  • See presently how eating the custom afters works!
  • When interacted with the”Sushi casserole”, you can interact it with any sushi from the add-on, up to 8 times for some variants of sushi.
  • See presently how placing and taking sushi to and from the sushi casserole!

Custom trees

Cherry tree

  • Establish in forestlands
  • Distinct pink leaves
  • Leaves drop cherries

Lemon tree

  • Establish in forestlands
  • Dark green leaves
  • Leaves drop catastrophes


  • Salmon
  • Spawns the custom item”Salmon roe”under the same conditions as the”Sea rogue” mob
  • Nothing other major


  • Added 80 new points, no longer uses result eggs.
  • Deleted the vanilla points similar as vittles, steak, queens, They’ve been transferred in the” Place me!!!” add-on.
  • Added 4 new realities
  • Added 6 new blocks to profit 2 new fruits
  • Added 2 new custom structures, uses the new added blocks
Food Addon

Download Food Addon (Support Creator)

Download Food Addon (Drive)

Minecraft Gun Mod

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[…] Food Addon Minecraft […]


[…] Food Addon Minecraft […]


[…] Food Addon Minecraft […]


[…] Food Addon Minecraft […]


[…] Food Addon Minecraft […]


[…] Food Addon Minecraft […]

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