Enderite Addon for Minecraft (Support 1.19)

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Half-Life 2 RP

THE END in Minecraft dimension now with a new updated look. Enderite Addon will make the most boring part of your world become vivid. Enjoy the beauty of many things in this addon and do them with a survival map

Cre: SorYPMod (Youtube, Twitter)

Enderite Addon

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After you reach a certain level in the game, you will not get new materials to play anymore. So this addon will bring new features and gameplay mechanics to your Minecraft world

Don’t forget to Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this Enderite addon

  • Enable: Holiday Creator Feature
  • Creation pff Custom Biome
  • Additinal Modding Capabilities!

Update V1.6

Enderite Addon v1.6 supports ver 1.17.30, so the blocks will appear in the creative menu and crafting table.

Removed the ability to craft item placers of the blocks.

Footage Enderite Addon in game

Ray Tracing support (Credits PBR textures: MADLAD#3718, Twitter @MADLAD3718)

Ray tracing requires specific hardware to run like Nvidia RTX 2000 series cards or AMD RX 6000. This pack doesn’t cover vanilla blocks and make sure the Enderite addon RP is first.


  • Don’t recommend playing this addon on your main world, better you should make a copy before playing
  • Enderite Addon can cause the game to crash sometimes with high chunk render distance, 16 or lower can be mitigated
  • This addon still have a lot of bugs
  • There are 4 options to choose from for people with low-end devices to high end ones

You are allowed to make a review, but you have to put the original link!


– Support for Minecraft ver 1.17.30
– Removed the ability to craft item placers of the blocks
– Block will appear in the creative menu and the recipe appear on the crafting table


Enderite Addon

Enderite Addon v2.1 RP – No RTX (or backup)
EnderiteAddon v2.1 BP (or backup)
EnderiteAddon v2.1 RP (or backup)
Showcase Map

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Cayden Gill
Cayden Gill
14 days ago

bro im looking for one this is the thousanth one that isnt the type im looking for

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