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TwitchTubeCreators presents for Minecraft food lovers, FoodCraft Add-on will add 70 new consumable items that can give you effects of passion to feed your whole life.

This add-on adds more than 70 new consumable items and an entity that makes it easy for you to get it! What are you waiting to try this beautiful and delicious add-on?

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Creator: TwitchTubeCreators

FoodCraft Add-on

With 70 new items from hamburgers to beautiful and creamy ice cream, you can make a cool store to sell food from these new entities

To get food in survival mode, you can find Foodseller and trade for food

New Grocery Items – FoodCraft Add-on:

MuffinChicken skewerCrabLasana
ChocolateSpaghettiDouble paddleBurger
ToastCoffeeBeerScraped off
Cake with Ice CreamPopcornFried eggSalmon and Avocado
Cereal with milkMacaroni and CheeseSliced appleSushi
Lactal breadPea soupSoupOnigiri
SandwichRaw pork ChopMilkMeat Rolled
Ice creamTacoNoodle SoupFilled of Beef
MrsHamburger with VegetablesPanchoNachos
Strawberry cakeLemonadeFruit cakeCaramelize apple
Sweet CookieWaffleVegetable RolledPizza
PancakesChicken foodCookie

In order to obtain the items you can use in creative mode with the spawn egg of the villager or with the following command: /give @p sc: (item name)


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1 year ago

The variety is good I highly recommend this mod


[…] FoodCraft Add-on V3 | Minecraft PE Addons […]

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