Lots More Food Bedrock Add-on (v10) | Minecraft PE Add-ons

Does Minecraft have too little food to choose from? Have you ever wished for more food in Minecraft? And here is your pack. Lots More Food Bedrock adds more than 50 different foods, used to supplement health or reduce hunger. Besides, it also includes MorePlants to harvest food. There is also a Java Edition Version. … Read more

More Chairs Add-on for Minecraft PE

Furniture addon is always welcome. With this addon, 9 different chairs have been added to the More Chairs Add-on for Minecraft pocket edition, this is one of the options for you to own great chairs. Let decorate your world more beautiful and lively! Cre: GentaMCPE, Twitter Account How do the Chairs Add-on work? Mobs are replaced … Read more

Cosmetic PVP (Animation Pack MCPE)

Cosmetic PVP adds new animations. When the player holds swords and sprints, you can see there are have particles appear to look like dust… Cre: CodanRaigenXXI, Twitter To active the new animation and particles, you have to sprint. And when you sprint combine hold sword on your hand, there has also a new animation. Let … Read more

Unusual Double Village: -212718537 | Minecraft Seed

This Unusual double village is quite cool and unique because the houses are created differently in this seed. You can see a farm created on top of the house roof. You will spawn close to the double village. To get there, you have to turn slightly to your right once from where you spawn. Then … Read more

MarvelCraft Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon has added 4 superhero armor, many new tools, and different weapons. In particular, a few evil villains are added to Minecraft Pocket Edition like Venom, Loki or anyone else.They are equipped with armor and weapons in epic battles with the villains. A war between good and evil. Whoever wins will depend on your … Read more

Lucky Block Addon Minecraft Pe

Lucky Block addon has added to Minecraft. A bunch of the items will drop randomly when you destroy luck blocks such as diamonds, dirt, emerald, gold, bedrock, armor or dragon egg, even enchanted apples Cre: @8Fernancraft, @TInfiniteMinds Get 15 different random items by destroying luck blocks. How to create Luck Blocks? To obtain or create … Read more

Glazed Beds Texture for Minecraft V3

Tired of boring vanilla beds, even you don’t like the Fancy Beds. But you are here and I think this Glazed Beds might be one of your best options right now. This resource pack is for you! Glazed Beds This addon is changing boring Vanilla beds in Minecraft into a glazed terracotta bed V1 V2 … Read more

Terra Land [Roller Coaster] | Minecraft PE Map

Cre: alexcarter7 The theme park was created with various attractions, such as roller coasters, scare mazes and more places for entertainment purposes. Terra Land world took a year to build with multiple areas with different themes. So everyone can use more hours to enjoy this map Do you like roller coasters? Terra Land will take … Read more

Cedar Camp Resort Quick Update | Minecraft PF Maps

Cedar Camp Resort is a Fictional Cedar Fair Park I created. Inspired by my 5 favorite theme parks: Cedar Point Knott’s Berry Farm Dorney Park Kings Dominion  and Six Flags Magic Mountain. The Park Features 27 (17 Cedar Camp) (10 Soak City and Galactic Adventures) Coaster with pixelated realistic appearance and the rides are rideable … Read more

The 2020 Parkour | Minecraft PE Maps

This is the ultimate parkour map for the 2020 year! This map is multi-staged and super long for those who hate short maps! Parkour is decorated with islands and secret diamonds to open the door at the end! Let’s see who will open it first! Maybe You! Also, we tested this map multiple times and … Read more

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