Squid Game Rampage Addon

Squid Game Rampage addon is a fun to play addon which will add the Squid Game killer doll, Red Guards and the survivors to your game. This is a really amusing to play Minecraft Addon and you can use it in your Minecraft chart for added adventure and fun.

Cre: Craft TrendyVerse (Youtube)

Squid Game Rampage addon

Squid Game Rampage addon is Minecraft Addon will add The Robot doll form Squid Game The Red Guards and the Lone Survivors in the Game.

The giant robot doll will attack the green wearing survivors and shoot fire balls.

Red regulars too will attack green outfit survivors and they will run out from their hostiles to safety

There is a induce tree from the Squid game series too which I added and is induce good as well

You’re free to use it in your Minecraft world if credited

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Squid Game Rampage addon

Download Squid Game Rampage (Support Creator)

Download Squid Game Rampage (Drive)

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