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“FlowMoAnother cinematic camera for Bedrock? What’s different about this one?”

Recently, I encountered a cinematographic problem that I couldn’t resolve with one of the existing Bedrock cinematic add-ons, so I created my own.


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And I made it better.

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition, FlowMo is a more effective cinematic camera. It offers styled cinematic shots that attempt to imitate Java Edition’s “Replay Mode” to some extent. It was built from the ground up.

Reasons to upgrade your cinematography:

  • NOTHING experimental
  • just needs a behavior pack
  • several camera points (as many as your device handles)
  • Static and dynamic targeting systems with programmable camera rotation and movement rates

Some Minecraft Addons PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:

Unique features

  • Streamlined cinematic tools
  • Fast point adjustment
  • Camera timeline looping
  • Rotational control timeline
  • Timeline events / Keyframes
  • Vertical movement smoothing
  • Bird’s-eye-view target tracking
  • Responsive to community feedback!

Preview Video:

Basic Usage:

To begin any cinematic, the function ‘add_cam‘ must be entered first.

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To gain access to the cinematic tools, type the function “tools_” to see available toolsets. Also, see the function ‘help_’ to view info for certain functions.


A Note from the Creator

This is my first add-on! I’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback to help improve this pack. If you like this content, check out my youtube channel below!

Youtube: ethanjmac


  • Added tutorial video
  • Input the download link to access my content
  • Posted my pack!


No experiments required!

Notice: Linkvertise is NOT a website for hosting viruses or malware! It’s a simple way for creators like me to profit off their content 😀

Please follow these steps to both support me and get awesome content:

  1. Click the installation link and verify that you’re a real human (hopefully you are)
  2. Click “Free Access” and view articles for five seconds
  3. Download my behavior pack!

Download FlowMo Cinematic Camera [1.0.0] or Link Backup

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:

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