RGB Nether Portals

RGB Neather Portals texture pack modifies the default nether portal texture and adds a rainbow motion. If you want to use it with Minecraft RTX, there is also a ray tracing version available.

Cre: Xubeir (Youtube, Twitter)

RGB Nether Portals

Regular version:

RGB Nether Portals

ray tracing on & off

RGB Nether Portals
RGB Nether Portals


If you’re playing on a device that can’t support ray tracing, avoid using that version because the portal opacity is lower.
Additionally, since only the portal version of ray tracing is supported, it is best to layer it over another resource pack that can handle ray tracing, like Vanilla RTX.
Please provide credit if you use it in your own resource packs.

Some Minecraft Texture packs you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:


Completely recreated, this version is much better than the previous one:
– better emissive with ray tracing
– better colors & animation, improved opacity in both versions (more light passes through the portal with ray tracing)
– improved contrast to match default portal texture
– redesigned pack icons & thumbnail & updated description
 also: pack is no longer unavailable 🙂

RGB Nether Portals

Minecraft Shaders

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