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Discover your world with fascinating foxes of all different breeds that you can find in the taiga. Not only that, but you can train them to follow you around everywhere you go and take care of them.

Cre: Hirx’s (Youtube, Twitter)

Beautiful Foxes Addon

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You may have asked them to include different varieties of foxes in the vanilla version of Minecraft, so this time I bring you an addon that includes numerous new races of foxes, with new and epic functions. You can do many things with it, including walk it, sit it, take care of it or treat it, adopt it, and much more. You can go on exciting adventures and let nobody separate you from them; you will become good friends. = all foxes spawn in the Taiga, soon this will be modified and they will have a different biome.

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Before, you have come with Foxes List, you can refer some Minecraft Addons PE that Mcpeaddons recommend for you:

Foxes List –

Foxes List –

  • -Vulpes Fox
  • -Fennec Fox
  • -Red Fox
  • -Gray Fox
  • -Black Fox
  • -Orange Fox (It also has its snow variant)
  • -Kitsune Fox
  • -White Fox
  • -Platinum Fox
  • -Raccoon
  • -Fire Fox
  • -Furret
  • -Zigzagoon
  • -Michiru
  • -Red Panda
  • -Springatito
  • -Blue Kitsune
  • -Red Panda Mystery style
  • – New | Tails
  • – New | White Fire Fox
  • – New | White Red fox
  • – New | Silver Fox

We are aware that, unlike dogs or cats, foxes cannot be tamed, but in order for you to enjoy this add-on, the mechanics of being able to tame it have been introduced to make it more enjoyable. One thing I failed to mention is that you can engage in combat with your fox or have the fox defend you.

=Special thanks to @TheGhostStudio for helping me make this addon come true for everyone

=Also a special thanks to @MrFazbear05 for the new fox animations in this most recent update

-Social Accounts-

Twitter | @Hirxs_MC | @TheGhostStudio | @MrFazbear05

Youtube | Hirx’s

Hirx’s Community |
The Ghost Community |

Discord | Hirxs#5621


Beautiful fox addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

Wallpapers lol – 1916×1080

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

Red Fox,Black Fox and Grey Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

Fennec Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon
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Vulpes Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

Orange Fox and its Snow variant

Beautiful Foxes Addon

White Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Kitsune Fox

(the only way to get it in survival is by crossing it with a red and white fox)

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

Raccoon and its Snow variant

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Fire Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Furret and Zigzagoon

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

Springatito (pokemon)

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

Kitsune (Snow style)

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon
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Beautiful Foxes Addon

Silver Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Red white Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Fire white Fox

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

New Statues!

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

All Foxes!!

Beautiful Foxes Addon
Beautiful Foxes Addon

New Animations!

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Foxes already have new functions

New Fox armor (the armor is made of wool, not fox fur)

Beautiful Foxes Addon

-Foxes Update Video –

-If you find any error, failure or if you have an idea you can say it in the comments


Changelog v6
Beautiful Foxes already has support for several languages!
languages which are supported below:
BR (Beta)
PT (Beta)
CN (Beta)
JP (Beta)

New Blocks and Foxes
– New Special Fox Statue and Fox Statue vars!

= Statues are crafted by putting a stone or copper block on the stonecutter!

• New entitys: Tails,Fire White Fox,White red Fox and Silver Fox

New Fox Statue vars:

= Sandstone
= Glisted blackstone
= Gravel = Netherrack
= Nether bricks
= Endstone
= Mud
= Coal block

New Special Fox Statue vars

= Glass
= Netherite
= Emerald
= Amethyst

Other new content

New Items: Gold Picker and Iron hammer

• New Outfits: Spring Gatito Hat and Red panda outfit

• New unicodes for Gold picker,Iron Hammer,Tails,Silver Fox,Fire white fox and Red white fox

• When using an item that we add on a statue, it will release some particles and a sound and change color!

• Bug Fixed

= Fixed a bug where one of the foxes would not spawn naturally

= Fixed white fox spawn

= Fixed vanilla fox texture

= Fixed a bug where you couldn’t craft Springatito’s hat and snow fox outfit

= Fixed a bug where a fox spawn icon would have a minecoin or heart icon

= Fixed a bug where red panda armor crafting was incorrect

• New Animations

= Added smoother animation to all foxes in the addon

= An experimental animation was added to the foxes that use the vulpes_fox.geo.json model,what this animation does is add eyelids to the foxes so that they can blink

• Experimental Features

= The fox vulpes and tails are immune when a player tries to hit or throw a projectile, except wolves, lava, trident etc, those if they can hurt the fox vulpes


It is necessary to activate the experimental games for the addon to work correctly

Beautiful Foxes Addon

Download Beautiful Foxes Addon (RP) or Link Backup

Download Beautiful Foxes Addon (BP) or Link Backup

Beautiful Foxes Block Geo Fix v6

Discord Server – More Addons and texture 😀

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Beautiful Foxes Addon

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