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Do you know ESBE 2G Shader? Yeah, ESBE 3G Shader is the same creator as a 2D shader. It's wonderful! And like the previous shader, this texture pack will make your world more beautiful with fewer device resources. You don't have to prepare a powerful device (iPhone 5 is still enough to). Enjoy your beautiful world with!

Creator: Mcbe_Eringi (Twitter)

ESBE 3G Shader Features:

  • More lightweight depiction
  • Luminace based tone map with varying saturation
  • Waving water, leaves, crops, flowers, and nether gate
  • New water reflection with correct cloud position (chuk border issue resolved)
  • Wet effect when raining
  • Texture hybrid shader generated moon (auto switched to default render when the texture detected)

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unsupported Windows10


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If you want to make your Minecraft world look more beautiful, you can download some shaders below:


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[…] ESBE is a well-known shader developer, and they also supply excellent shaders for the game. The ESBE 3G shader is a well-known Android Minecraft shader. It has a realistic water texture, excellent lighting and […]

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