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Playing Minecraft with feeling realistic graphics, get spoil your eyes by using Hyra Shaders V4 Pe! It will bring you to a new world full of beautiful coloring and lifely lighting and make the world become a reality.

Cre: Hyrazero, Youtube, Twitter, FB

Hyra Shaders v4

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There are available several variants in this shader, it includes Ultra, Medium, and Lite choose from. It's up to your the capabilities of the device you are using

Hyra Shaders v4 only supports Minecraft Mobile v1.17+

Let's explore 3 varients of this shader and see how your world is different!





  • Realistic Color
  • Foggy Rain
  • Beautiful Night Sky & Star
  • Leaves move
  • Realistic Water: It's based on Seus PE with permission from @GFPcoder
  • Realistic Cloud – Sun and moon: It's based on Bicubic High with permission from @bicubic7

More credits

@GFPcoder@bicubic7 @DevPrecision

If you like the roller coaster in the screenshot, you can visit here to get the download link A Large Investment Map


– Added new Style Coloring, Sky Color, Fog
– Fixed bug litch side block on GPU PowerVR
– Fake bloom Effect


Hyra Shaders v4
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Hyra Shaders v4 PE (3 varients)

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11 months ago

[…] Hyra Shaders V4 is available in several variants videlicet Ultra, Medium and Lite so you can choose according to the capabilities of the device you’re using. […]

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