ESBE 2G Shader

ESBE 2G is a shader pack for Bedrock platforms which makes your world beautiful on both mobile and pc. 

You don’t have to prepare a powerful device (iphone 5s is enough to)

Enjoy your beautiful world!

Creator: Mcbe_Eringi

ESBE 2G Shader v5.0

Take a look at some of the screenshots below to visualize this shader

Features ESBE 2G Shader:

  • Lightweight depiction
  • Tone map using NTSC weighted average method
  • Waving leaves and water reflection depiction
  • Sparkling stars, Enhanced duck
  • Beautiful clouds and aurora
  • Brightness varies depending on the direction
  • Compatible with both Mobile and PC (in Window10) 
  • No useless code
  • Brightness 50 is recommended

Note from Creator:

  • You are allowed to modify this shader for your personal use.
  • You are prohibited to distribute it with or without any modification.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android 
  • Windows10

Tested on iPadAir3, Win10 (bootcamp Macbook Pro 13 inch 2017 TouchBar), Win10 (core i3-8100 RAM8GB GTX1050Ti) 


If you apply this shader, Nintendo Switch users and PS4 users will not be able to join the multiplayer. However, I will try to support it after RenderDragon is added formally to Win10 or mobile. Now RenderDragon arrived at Beta for Win10 but it’s compiled and too difficult to modify the shader files.
Recently, there are many shaders that may be broken in-game. It’s a bit sad.


– Bug fixes
– Fixed
+ A bug that water caustic effect disappeared in 1.16.100
+ Tonemapping when rain


Download old version here: ESBE 2G Shader

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