Logical Misty Shaders

The Logical Misty Shaders is a natural-themed shader set for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It adds a slew of additional features to your game, like sunshine, moonlight, torchlight, realistic water modeling, … Read more

Fused Vanilla Shaders VDark

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Fused Vanilla Shaders This is a different set of Fused Vanilla Shaders. It contains all of the characteristics of VLight, plus more world colors, lighting, and other features.  Fused Vanilla … Read more

8-bit Shader for Minecraft PE

8-bit Shader

8-bit Shader will transform the appearance to an 8-bit retro style with only 256 colors: 8 red, 8 green, and 4 blue. Cre: silverfishmc (Youtube) 8-bit Shader Playing in the … Read more

ChunkBounds Shaders

ChunkBounds Shaders shows you the boundaries of all chunks and the borders of all chunks are shown in this simple resource pack. Each Chunk is 16 blocks long in both … Read more

YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed

YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed is a re-imagined version of YamaRin’s Legacy for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that aims to be as realistic as possible. Beautiful cirrus clouds, reflections on metallic blocks, smooth … Read more

The Aesthetic Fantasy Shader

The Aesthetic Fantasy resource collection adds attractive colors to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition world, as well as shaders and textures (32x and 16x resolutions). It would be ideal for a … Read more

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