Lots More Food Bedrock Add-on (v10) | Minecraft PE Add-ons

Does Minecraft have too little food to choose from? Have you ever wished for more food in Minecraft? And here is your pack. Lots More Food Bedrock adds more than 50 different foods, used to supplement health or reduce hunger. Besides, it also includes MorePlants to harvest food. There is also a Java Edition Version. … Read more

Rocket Launchers, Landmines and MiniGuns Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

This pack is specially designed for those who love the military. About rocket launchers, landmines and miniguns. Nobody can ignore it! Cre: MNO You maybe love another Gun-Weapon: Lost Weapon You can get these bad boys from your local weaponsmith. Level the trader all the way up and the final top-of-the-range trade will be an … Read more

The Stone Puzzles | Minecraft PE Maps

You will have to go through 10 puzzle levels to complete the map! It’ll be more and more difficult! Cre: Pixell You will love another Puzzles Map: Find the Lever Minecraft Version: 1.14.60+ Changelog Fix bugs Optimize the map and make it lighter Reduce the size of the map from 30MB to 5MB Change many … Read more

Pluribus Music Festival: Music is Life | Minecraft PE Addons

This year the new festival has arrived, a festival that will never be forgotten, a multi-genre festival, this is Pluribus Music Festival! Hmm, Are you very tired and tired of having to quarantine because of epidemics? No more meetings with friends, no more colorful music nights. Don’t worry, a music festival has come to you … Read more

Sports Car: Ford Mustang Add-on for Minecraft Pe

Do you like sports cars? This add-on brought Ford Mustang with great design to Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is one of the best vehicle options for Minecraft players, you can drive and race as you like. Not only owning a Ford Mustang with fast speed but also stylish. That’s awesome!! Creator: Gona, Twitter Account How to get … Read more

Elemental Friends Add-on | Minecraft PE Addons

Based on the Ender Archer Friend Add-on, I created Elemental Friends Add-on adding many different mobs and features. The new mods included are the Air Girl, Ice Girl, Flame Boy and Ice Spider.  Each mob has a unique set of skills and can be tamed and used as your loyal protector.  Cre: Ayrtown_Karlos HOW DOES … Read more

Elemental Swords Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

Elemental Swords Addon adds super-powered swords to have more fun in Mine-verse. You can craft them and fight with some powerful bosses. Cre: Ahagarkani_ali NOTE: The swords can’t come into your hotbar. You should craft them for seeing and using them or use : “/function swords” , “/function sticks” KNIGHT SWORD This sword is tier-1(strength1). … Read more

Vampire Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

You are looking for a Vampire or Werewolf? And now they have appeared in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Vampire Addon adds 3 new entities and15 new items.  Cre: lambdoro Stake To start your journey, you need a new weapon, and Stake is what you need!  You need 1 iron ingot and 1 stick. Place it in … Read more

Dragon Ball Skin Pack | Minecraft PE Skins

How would you like to be a Super Saiyan? Or Namekian? And if you like Dragon Ball or big fan of Dragon Ball, this skin pack is the one for you! Cre: WaterNic 10 Download Dragon Ball Skin Pack More skin packs for users to use in Minecraft: Minecraft Hostile Mobs v1.1 Minecraft YouTubers 2.0 … Read more

How to train your Dragon Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

For those who love the movie How to train your Dragon. Tame and own your own Night Fury and Light Fury. Dragons Night Fury Night Fury is one of the rarest dragons in the franchise. It has 3 Variants:  Light Fury Light Fury, one of the newest Dragons from the 3rd movie, it has 2 … Read more

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