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Columns Addon is a simple add-on that adds columns to Minecraft. A new interesting thing created by the author with vertical cylindrical objects. They are put together as a barrier and will probably help you in the game of shelter in Minecraft.

Interestingly, right? Download the attachment below so you don’t miss out on this new addon!

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Creator: Endmodderz

What’s cool in Columns Addon?

Column variants are the same as wall variants.

Columns Addon

It’s compatible with other textures MultiPixel 32x and is connectable with other column variants.

Columns Addon
Columns Addon

When you craft on the crafting table, you can put the shape of the material you want or also in a stonecutter.

Craft shape

Due to game limitations, columns cannot be quickly mined with vanilla tools, so I left another addon (unitools) that adds compatible tools to mine quickly

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Columns Addon

Download Columns Addon – Unitool V1.1.0
ColumnsRP-1.0.0 or backup
ColumnsBP-1.0.0 or backup

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
Columns Addon

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