Medieval Furniture Addon V3.0 | Minecraft Furniture Mod

Did the medieval interior make you too boring? We’ve explored expandable blocks that give it a surreal feel. This latest Add-on right away at version 1.19.20 / 1.19.30 and later versions.

Cre: EndXenoc MCPE (Youtube, Twitter)

Medieval Furniture Addon V3.0

This add-on has 3D blocks with different identities, they are created to be compatible with the configuration of Minecraft. You are free to be creative to decorate your home without any hindrance. We have attached the BP.MCPACK and RP.MCPACK file below to help you bring your home to life. Let’s discover now.

Important thing: You need to activate the test game in the map before using this Add-on.

The following is a list of newly created blocks:

  • Design a dining room with colorful furniture
  • Arrange items in the kitchen
  • Colorful design blocks make the scene in Minecraft more vivid

Some Minecraft Furniture Mod you can check in MCPE Addons:

Download Medieval Furniture Addon V3.0 (Expandable Blocks)

Medieval Furniture

📥 Download Medieval Furniture – Behavior Pack

📥 Download Medieval Furniture – Resource Pack

📥 Download Geo Fixer (REQUIRED)

📥 Download Test Map

If you want to download more Furniture for Minecraft you can check app “Furniture decor for Minecraft

Medieval Furniture

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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