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Bike addon adds bicycles in Minecraft PE, have 6 different colors that you can choose and use as decoration or means transport in your survival world. 

Creator: Cubitos

How to use Bike Addon?

To use these bicycles, you will need to be in creative mode and select the spawning eggs. Or if you in survival mode, you would be activating the tricks and entering any of these commands:

  • /summon
    • /summon add:bike_blue
    • /add:bike_red
    • /add:bike_green
    • /add:bike_purple
    • /add:bike_yellow
    • /add:bike_gray

You can get on a bike and drive it. Something interesting is that we can jump with it and feel a great experience with the sounds and animations included. 

The special thing is when your car breaks down, you can use the iron bars to fix it.


  • Activating “Experimental Gameplay” before using addon.

Download Bike Addon

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