GTA Street Wars Addon for Minecraft

They are the gangs in GTA San Andreas (and V)! GTA Street Wars Addon has brought some of the gangs into Minecraft Pocket Edition. They are all hostile, so it will happen a chaotic battle if they meet.
Have you played GTA before? This add-on promises to bring you interesting things.

Creator: Nogard – Twitter Account


Two melee weapons and an assault rifle, these weapons are something that you can have at least one in GTA games

  • Mp5 = Bow
  • Knife = Sword
  • Chainsaw = Axe


The Grove Street

This gang (green) replace villagers. They will attack if another gang attack them, they are neutral by default.

It would be great if the Grove Street gang could be hired and be part of your gang. These are just an unrealistic feature, but in the future, this is a good idea to implement.

New Year Minecraft Skin

Ballas gang

Ballas gang replaced Husk in Minecraft but the skin is not right. They look like Jizzy B.

He is not a member of the gang, he has a complete another line of work. Ballas gang will attack all other gangs.


COP replaced Zombie Pigmen and they are neutral mobs. They will only attack when other gangs attack first.

But they are really dirty (in some way cop are corrupt), they will look away when seeing something illegal. The cop only attack if they are in danger

Vagos gang

Skeletons have been replaced by the Vagos gang. This gang is one of the most dangerous because they are equipped with MP5’s weapon and they will shoot anyone

Download GTA Street Wars Addon

mcpeaddons download

Resource Pack (Support Creator) or click here (Drive)

Behavior Pack (Support Creator) or click here (Drive)

You can download .Zip pack here: GTA Street Wars

Don’t worry, cops are out there! They will try to kill them if they attack.

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New Year Minecraft Skin

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