Actual Guns CSO Addon for Minecraft

Welcome to Actual Guns CSO – the first addon to introduce custom guns and features such as Skins, Silencers, Hit-markers, Announcers, Bursts, and more!

Cre: AzozGamer936, Twitter, Youtube

Actual Guns CSO Addon contains 239 weapons items which includes grenades, melees, guns, skins. All the weapon are unique in their own ways. Let’s go to explore this addon

What is “Actual Guns”?

This add-on made by Keyyard and TheEnderface. It re-made, make it better reloads, better mechanics, fixed a lot of bugs after a year of no sign of hope from updates. Actual Guns is based on Counter-Strike Online and your supports make it better and better. It added things that no other addon has ever made or thought of!!

Why should you choose “Actual Guns”?

  • This is the first addon to:
    • Custom made guns
    • The burst feature, and silencers
    • Introduce custom scopes and ironsights.
  • Changelogs in major updates
  • Not like other addons, they have “/playsound” for guns, so you can hear the sound from close to far although it’s semi-realistic
  • We are the first ones to have draw sounds.
  • The villagers get scared when you shoot or if you hit them with a certain melee or hold something scary, they will run
  • First Kill! Double Kill! Triple Kill! we’ve got those, we’ve got “Announcers”!
  • We have “Hit Markers” to help you detect if you really hit that player
  • if you feel bored with the same style of weapon, now you will get New Skins in this addon
  • If you want a gun that harms people when you’re reloading, shoots void bullets, and make your foes fly to their death, a weapon that kicks people out of your world, we’ve got you covered!
  • Actual guns have both 3D and 2D versions.
  • You can get items in Survival Mode from Villagers.
  • and much more!

Grades guns from best to worst

  1. Epic
  2. Transcendent
  3. Mythical
  4. Legendary
  5. Unique
  6. Advanced
  7. Rare
  8. Common

Weapons Actual Guns – Assault Rifles

Function getar/getarammo

  • IMI Galil
  • AK-47
  • Stun Rifle
  • BAR
  • Garand (Ironsight)
  • AK-74U
  • FAMAS (sneak and hit the air to switch to Burst mode)
  • TAR-21 (scopeable)
  • STG-44
  • M4A1 Carbine (sneak and hit the air to switch to Silencer mode)
  • M4A4
  • SG552 (scopeable)
  • HK416 (sneak and hit the air to switch to Silencer mode)
  • AK-12
  • M16
  • AK-47 60R (scopeable)
  • G36C
  • ARX-160 (scopeable)
  • AUG (scopeable)
  • G11 (sneak and hit the air to switch to Burst mode)
  • AKM
  • SCAR-H
  • AN94 (Burst)
  • OICW (Has a grenade launcher!)
  • F2000 (scopeable)
  • SCAR-L
  • Honeybadger
  • AS VAL
  • Lightning AR-2

Weapons – Heavy

Function getheavy/getheavyammo

  • M249 
  • MG42
  • QBB-95
  • Shining Heart Rod
  • M60
  • Minigun

Weapons – Submachine Guns

Function getsmg/getsmgammo

  • P90 
  • MP7
  • Tempest
  • MP5
  • UZI
  • Kriss (sneak and hit the air to switch to Silencer mode)
  • MAC-10
  • Bizon
  • Thompson
  • MP40
  • Sterling Bayonet
  • PPSh

Weapons – Snipers

Function getsniper/getsniperammo

  • BFG 50
  • AWP
  • Scout
  • SVD
  • M200
  • M107
  • Mosin Nagant
  • TRG-42
  • Barrett M95
  • PSG-1
  • AWM
  • SASS
  • Blaser R93 Tactical
  • SCAR-20

Weapons – Pistols

Function getpistol/getpistolammo

  • King Cobra (scopeable) 
  • Luger
  • Magnum (hold for a long time to shoot)
  • USP (sneak and hit the air to switch to Silencer mode)
  • M1911
  • Mauser
  • TEC-9
  • Five-SeveN
  • Desert Eagle
  • Colt SAA (Ironsight)
  • Glock
  • Void Avenger (After firing for 57 shots, it will give you a bullet that summons a black hole)
  • Gunslinger (360 degree attack and a mega knockback when your weapon has been emptied)
  • Python Desperado (high knockback or high stun!)
  • Bubble Gun (make people fly!)
  • M79
  • Maxim
  • Welrod
  • Beretta

Weapons Actual Guns – Shotguns

Function getshotgun/getshotgunammo

  • M3 
  • AA-12
  • KSG
  • SPAS-12
  • XM1014
  • Winchester
  • M1897
  • MAG-7
  • Sawed-off
  • Striker
  • Jackhammer
  • S686
  • Serbu
  • M1881
  • MP-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun (sneak and hit to summon bunker buster)

Weapons – Melee

Function getmelee

  • Blade Runebreaker (chargeable + upgradeable) 
  • Butterfly Knife
  • Karambit
  • G10
  • Katana
  • M9
  • Energy Sword
  • Ursus
  • Bowie
  • Nata Knife
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Kukri
  • Machete
  • Bat
  • Huntsman
  • Tomahawk

Weapons – Equipment

Function getetc

  • C4
  • Adrenaline
  • Medical Kit
  • Flare Gun
  • MGL
  • Black Dragon Cannon
  • MGL Venom
  • Ray Gun
  • Taser
  • Flame Thrower
  • RPG
  • Defuse Kit
  • Vest
  • Night Vision
  • Parachute
  • Gas Mask

Weapons – Grenades

Function getgrenade

  • Explosive
  • M67
  • Molotov
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke
  • Toxic
  • Holy
  • Electro
  • Love
  • Ghost
  • Trintity
  • Chain
  • Ice
  • Bat
  • Tear Gas
  • Coin
  • Cake
  • Water Balloon
  • M24
  • Peace
  • Gravity

Mobs in Actual Guns Addon

Ghost Pet

You can find Ghost Pet in anywhere in the world but it’s very rare.

To tame it, you need to feed them with Mileage which currency of Actual guns. It likes a Wolf and can change the color, the default color is Red.


This is the lovely Claymore which used to detonate any mob that crosses the red laser – even you, so don’t spawn them naturally


It doesn’t look intimidating, right?


It can tank a few shots, then it will puff smoke upon dying

Bump Mine

It allows you to jump higher than usual

Grenade box

It spawns naturally in your world and give you 6 random grenades if you punch it

Chinese Ghost

You can call this mob is “Chinese Ghost”, “Stiff Corpse”, “Hopping Vampire” or simply “Jiangshi”

  • Health: 100
  • Decent amount of damage
  • Drops Mileage upon death
  • The Red version of it has double the status. Be aware!
  • Can be found in the forests, and it drops Mileage upon death


It’s a simple landmine, don’t step on it!

Supply Box

You can find it naturally in your world and then it will re-fill your current ammo to the maximum

Mileage Box

  • It will give you mileage upon right-clicking or holding on to it for a long time
  • Take the Mileage to buy things from Villagers
  • Spawns naturally in your world

Ammo Box

It will give you ammo to reload instead. It spawn naturally in your world


This one is not really a mob. It comes in many variant and you can buy it from Villagers to unbox random weapon. You just give it a little spin!

Skins Actual Guns

This is a long list of skin, you can obtain through creative commands like any gun

  • P90 Tiger by Maks
  • P90 Asiimov by Kevin
  • G36C Thermometer by Maks
  • AK47 Communist by xXMoisesMartin25Xx
  • Karambit Fiery by Matt
  • G10 Deer Hunter by Matt
  • Kukri Fade by Matt
  • Karambit All Day Long by Maks
  • Bowie Crystal Water by Maks
  • Bowie Doppler by Kevin
  • Kukri Banana by Maks
  • AK-47 Forest Camo by REX
  • M1881 Bare Wires by Maks
  • AK-47 Vortex by REX
  • M1881 White Green by Axyt34
  • AK-47 Red Dragon by Skedle
  • MP7 Red Sand by Axyt34
  • G36C Galaxy by Maks
  • Kukri Beast by Skedle
  • Karambit Xmas by Skedle
  • Katana Candy Kane by Llama
  • Kukri Broken Red Crystal by Skedle
  • Ursus Laser Dagger by Skedle
  • AK-47 Spec Ops by Matt
  • G10 Flamer by Axyt34
  • MP5 Galaxy by Axyt34
  • Scar Water Gun by Maks
  • Spas Camo1 & Camo2 by REX
  • Katana Dread Nova by Creeper_1706
  • Katana Laser by Skedle
  • Kukri Dragon by Matt
  • Ursus Evil Days by Matt
  • Ursus Crimson Red by ZeroGgamer
  • M1881 White Green by Axyt34
  • Katana Oni by Matt
  • AWP Dragon Lore by Kevin
  • Scar Light Scope Elite by Skedle
  • Desert Eagle Obsidian Beast by Skedle
  • Magnum BullsEye by OneShot
  • AK-47 Obsidian Beast by Skedle
  • Kriss Ultra Nerf by OneShot
  • AWP Crimson Blood by Matt.json
  • Thompson Infernal Dragon Noble Gold by hTk
  • Glock Spirit by Skedle
  • AA-12 Hellfire by Skedle
  • AK-47 Sun-Wukong by Skedle
  • M9 Diamond by OneShot
  • Katana Diamond by OneShot
  • Karambit Fake Gold by OneShot
  • Spas-12 Killer Croc by Matt
  • Scar Camo by OneShot
  • Katana Ruby by OneShot
  • AK-74U Automatically Frozen by zealousZombie
  • AK-47 Paladin by Skedle
  • M3 Dragon Prototype by Skedle
  • M3 Titanium by OneShot
  • Kukri Lakeside Luster by Skedle
  • AK-12 Xmas by Skedle
  • Deagle Erica by Skedle
  • MP7 Unicorn by Skedle
  • P90 Lapin by SkedleLmao
  • Kukri Eggplant by OneShot
  • AK-47 SandStorm by OneShot and Furry_Boi
  • M16 Tango Spotted by Paul
  • AK-47 Blizzard by OneShot
  • AUG Bloody Gradient by MrRoyDragoss
  • SultrysSahara by MrRoyDragoss
  • AK-47 Paint Ball by LyricalRodnori
  • AWP OneShot by OneShot
  • MP5 Trans Gear by Skedle
  • M4 Asiimov by fresh
  • PP Bizon Hybrid by PMoon48452
  • PP Bizon Asiimov by Kevin
  • M107 Barret Iron Shark by Skedle
  • M107 Barret Red Dragon by Skedle
  • SPAS Photon by Skedle
  • M107 Barret Obsidian Beast by Skedle
  • M107 Blaze Slayer by Oneshot
  • Wind Breaker M107 by OneShot
  • Bizon Infernal Dragon Ultimate Gold by Skedle
  • Five seveN Nerf by PMoon48452
  • AWP Future by Ch!llz boi
  • M107 Barret Iron Shark Zhu Que by SkedleLmao
  • M249 Dark Matter by OneShot
  • Glock Tactical by PMoon48452
  • AWP Champion OneShot by OneShot
  • Tomahawk Survivalist by Paul
  • M249 Arctic Avenger by Maks
  • M107 Champion Terminator by OneShot
  • M107 Terminator by OneShot
  • P90 Kitty by PMoon48452
  • Tomahawk Za Hando by PMoon48452
  • AK47 AK Knife Mighty Dragon by Skedle
  • M107 Desert Camper by PMoon48452
  • Tomahawk Blood Hound by PMoon48452
  • Tomohawk Emergency by OneShot
  • AWP Phobos by Skedle
  • AWP Secret Weapon by hTk
  • AK-12 Secret Weapon by hTk
  • AK-47 Cheeki Breeki by Maks
  • Thompson Secret Weapon by hTk
  • AK-47 Death Ticket by Paul
  • Tomahawk Marauder by Renil
  • UMP-45 Mecha Mayhem by hTk
  • Katana Ronin by Loli
  • Actual Guns
  • Tempest Reaper by Renil
  • Tempest High Voltage by hTk
  • Flame Thrower Heaven Splitter by Paul
  • Flame Thrower Halo by TakableBasket97
  • Magnum Treasure by Paul
  • P90 Subzero by hTk
  • Flame Thrower Meltdown by hTk
  • M4A4 Asiimov by Kevin
  • AWP SoulTaker by OneShot
  • Butterfly Black Rose by Skedle
  • M4A4 Operator by Renil
  • AK-47 Vulcan by Skedle
  • P90 Mechanized by Renil
  • TEC-9 Decimator by Kevin
  • Magnum Gun Knife by Skedle
  • M4A4 Magnesium by Kevin
  • Famas Peaceful Night by PoorlyMoon
  • Tomahawk Magma Execution by hTk
  • M4A4 Evil Daimyo by Kevin
  • Kukri Iron Beast by Skedle
  • USP Kill Confirmed by Skedle
  • Flamethrower Crimson Eye by ZeroGamer
  • AK-47 End Times by Renil
  • Ursus Time Forgotten by Renil
  • Karambit Far in Time by Renil
  • AWP Death Ray by hTk
  • Magnum The Judge by Renil
  • Bizon Acid Rush by hTk
  • Bowie Seal Knife by Azoz Gamer936
  • Nata Knife Hunter by Renil
  • M1881 Super Shotgun by Renil
  • Flame Thrower Fire Serpent by hTk
  • Karambit Steampunker by Lelilol
  • AWP Sentinels by hTk
  • KAR Stock Sniper by Skedle
  • M4A1 Red Knife Beast Prototype by Skedle (removed temporary)
  • AUG Guardian by Skedle
  • Katana Buster by Nuke
  • AUG Portal by AvaRing
  • M4A4 Rock N Shoot by Skedle
  • M16 War Veteran by Pmoon
  • AK-47 Red Knife Beast Protype by Skedle
  • MP40 Medic’s Maschinenpistole by Skedle
  • Katana Red Queen by Nuke
  • M1911 Steampunk by Loli
  • Katana Red Queen by Nuke
  • Katana Smolder by Renil
  • Winchester Ashe by Skedle
  • Katana Takeo by Wolfy 06
  • Katana Flame Sword by Pmoon
  • M16 Ghillie by Skedle
  • M4A4 Nightmare by hTk
  • Katana Dark Grand Knight by Pmoon
  • Katana Face Hugger by xHope
  • M4A1 Dark Knight by Skedle (removed temporary)
  • M9 Bayonet Fatal Malfunction by Pmoon
  • Katana Forst Sword by Pmoon
  • Machete Fatal Malfunction by Pmoon
  • Machete Prisma by Nuke
  • Katana Devil’s Devastation I by hTk
  • Flame Thrower Headhunter by Loli
  • UZI Portal by AvaRing
  • Katana Blood Demon by xHope
  • Katana Baguette by Loli
  • Winchester Dark Knight by Skedle
  • MP7 Snow Tactical by Nikto
  • M9 Homies by Maks
  • Katana Runic Nature by Pmoon
  • Brass Knuckles Golden Cartel by Pmoon
  • M1911 Guns n Roses by Loli
  • M1911 Cartoon Catel by Pmoon
  • MAC-10 OS by ManOra
  • Gut Knife Androphonomaniac by Pmoon
  • Katana Dark Crystal by Nuke
  • SPAS-12 Vulcanus by Skedle
  • ARX-160 Kronos by Paul
  • Katana Golden Royalty by Pmoon
  • M16 High Voltage by hTk
  • Maxim-9 Obsidian by Loli
  • M79 Janus by Nuke
  • Katana Crucible by Renil
  • Beretta Vigilante bt Zwe Win Htut MM
  • MP5 S.W.A.T by Zwe Win Htut MM
  • Bat Bloody Torture by Pmoon
  • Tempest Kaiju by Nuke
  • M95 Ghost Knight by Hope
  • KSG-12 Thanatos by Nuke
  • Katana Hidra by Skedle
  • Flame Thrower Dragon’s Fury by Pmoon and ManOra
  • Colt SAA Fatal Malfunction by Pmoon
  • Glock Dwayne by Maks
  • Katana Pineapple Slayer by Nuke
  • Karambit Hollow by KV
  • Karambit Autotronic by F8
  • Kriss Vector Vulcanus by Skedle
  • M1911 Hollow by KV
  • Glock Pumpkins by Zwe Win Htut MM
  • M249 Pheonix by Nuke
  • AK-47 Hollow by KV
  • Actual Guns
  • AWP Asiimov by Kevin (replaced Pmoon)
  • AK-47 Pheonix by Nuke
  • AK-47 Neon Rider by Kevin
  • Baseball Bat Pumpkin by Carlos
  • Nata Knife Toxic by Skedle
  • AWP Bakunawa by Skedle
  • AK-47 Bloodsport by Kevin
  • AK-47 Blue Inferno by Nuke
  • Machete Desert Blood by Nikto
  • SCAR-20 Cyrex by Kevin
  • Colt SAA Blood Sucker by Nuke
  • Jackhammer Electrecutioner Mk1 by Pmoon
  • Tempest Bad Time by Pmoon
  • AK-47 Fury by Nuke
  • AK-47 Weapon’s Master by hTk
  • Groza Frostbite by xHope
  • AK-47 Take No Prisoners by Nikto
  • AK-12 Dragon’s Vessel by Paul
  • Katana Taoist by Pmoon
  • Light Katana of Dawn by xHope
  • Katana Night Stalker by xHope
  • UMP-45 Halloween by Maks
  • Karambit Dessert by bruh.mp4
  • M4A4 Right Tool for The Job by Nikto
  • M1911 Mountain King by Pmoon
  • AUG Rib by Loli
  • Kukri Unarmed Combat by Skedle
  • Deagle Cartoony Gold/Cartel by Pmoon
  • Deagle Frostbite by xHope
  • AWP Master’s Weapon by hTk
  • USP Improvised by Loli
  • Katana Gold Cutter by Pmoon
  • P90 Elemental by Red Crewmate
  • Tomahawk Prime by hTk
  • Karambit Universal Collapse by hTk
  • AK-47 Asiimov by Kevin
  • AK-47 Red Action by Nuke
  • Katana Golden Knight by Pmoon
  • AUG Glitchpop by hTk
  • AK-47 Elderfire by hTk
  • Katana Dominator by Nuke
  • TRG-42 Christmas by Nuke
  • TEC-9 Isaac by Kevin
  • Katana Earth by hTk
  • Glock Asiimov by Kevin
  • M4A4 Zer0 Gravity by hTk
  • Glock EMG Mark 5 by Cuban
  • Scout PR!M3? by hTk
  • Katana Draconic by Llama

More Credits 




  • OneShot
  • Veidt
  • Skedle
  • Paul
  • Jasinsk
  • PM48452
  • Maks
  • Llama
  • Nuke
  • Moises
  • justAsh0005
  • JuliusScizzor
  • hTk
  • XM
  • F8
  • Carlos
  • coptaine
  • ambient
  • ZG15
  • Jajastar9
  • Matt
  • Java
  • Mecha
  • WindLight
  • IcyGh0st
  • Renil
  • Nisky
  • mikem135
  • AvaRing
  • Axyt
  • Actual Guns
  • Nikto
  • MrRoyDragoss
  • Floof Ball
  • Rex
  • Mullins
  • Sergeantjone
  • TakableBasket97
  • xHope
  • Panzer VI
  • ZWH


Actual Guns CSO:
– Changed:
+ Deagle & M3 texture & sound to match the one in CSO
+ Crosshair,  AK-47 texture to match the one in CSO
– Balance Changes
+ All weapons stats are taken from AGCSO Full Editio
+ C4 will take less time to get defused
+ Smoke is now weaker
Ray gun, SCAR-20, SCAR-L, AWSM, Taser, G36C, VAL, Maxim, M4A4, M16, Makarov, M1881, AA12, M1917, P90, Rhogun, Flamethrower, MP5, Fiveseven
– Fixed:  
+ Items being too big
+ Recoil being applied on everyone
TMP, UMP45 AWP, SL8, Crowbar, M1911, USP, M79, Winchester, M4A1, AN94


Actual Guns Behavior Pack
Actual Guns Resource Pack

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