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CYBOX ZLSB97 – The Bike Addon

CYBOX ZLSB97 bike is modeled based on the vehicle of Saki in the film Zombie Land Saga. This add-on adds 2 styles of cars...

Water Bike Addon for Minecraft Pe

Water Bike Addon for Minecraft Pe is a great option for traveling on the water without having to use a boat. It's not easy...

Mine-Bikes Add-on for Minecraft Pe

A few different motorcycles have been added in this Mine-Bikes Add-on and all motorcycles replace Horses. This is one of the fastest land vehicles...

Bike Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

Bike addon adds bicycles in Minecraft PE, have 6 different colors that you can choose and use as decoration or means transport in your...

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Diorama Craft Addon

Diorama Craft is an addon for Minecraft BE which includes new decor blocks and things to utilize into your world. Diorama Craft Addon will be an addon for you...

Hananacraft BE Furniture

The furniture Add-On for Minecraft Bedrock is called Hananacraft BE. This collection includes a variety of ornamental items for your Minecraft settings, like drawers,...

Ale Pack V1.2 Colorful Update! – RenderDragon (Compatible with All Devices)

With the aim of maximizing the user experience, the new version of the ale pack (A pack based on the Ale shaders) has arrived,...

Re:Zero Waifu 1.2.6 Featuring Konosuba

Do you like Re:Zero Character? then this addon is great for you! Re:Zero Waifu 1.2.6 Featuring Konosuba addon adds 12+3 different waifus (Re:Zero + Konosuba...

There are several phones so far v 0.0.87

Several phones addon is one mod from my series. This addon mod adds Bedrock phones (PE) to Minecraft. Russian: Это один мод из моей серии....