Apocalyptic Buckets Addon for Minecraft

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Apocalyptic Buckets Addon is colorful pails will be added. Have you ever seen a crazy pail? Do you want to use a crazy pail?! Let’s destroy the world with this! Your Minecraft life should be better!

Apocalyptic Buckets Addon

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Created by tunekeshi 2304 (programmer) Suzuki mintsu (programmer)

This is an add-on that adds a Climactic Pails And its survival friendly.

Purple Paint Bucket

Tsunami Bucket

Magma Tsunami Bucket

Paint Bucket

Frozen Bucket

TNT Bucket 

Bedrock Bucket

Sand Bucket

Nether Bucket

End Bucket

Stop Bucket

Stop erosion of the bucket

Don’t forget to turn them on at the end


Apocalyptic Buckets Addon

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  • Added Beach Pail
  • Added Nether Bucket
  • Added End Pail
  • Bug fixed
Apocalyptic Buckets Addon

Download Addon

Download Addon (Drive)

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